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‘Cause that’s how much I’ve kept up on this lately. Ah well. BUSY! I’m sure all of you who are actually reading this know I have started my own little Etsy shop (Enfys Creations) and it’s been doing insanely well for as little as I advertise! During December, I literally had at least one order a day…custom or ready-made, which is more than I could have asked for considering I just started. Awesome! 

It’s slowed down, which is a good thing, by the way. I still have plenty of orders to keep me busy and am attempting to post new items when I have the time to do it! I have a TON of items lined up…tons of fun.


It’s 2013 now…which is just ridiculous. I remember when Iain was born, I figured out when he’d be starting school (kindergarten)…2013 seemed so far away. Not that I would say time has flown…it’s just funny. Yep…he starts kindergarten this fall and he’s SUPER excited. It’s only half-day, which is nice…for both of us…it would be quite the shock to go from no school to full-day school. I’m sure we’d handle either but…anyway…I like half-day.

Let’s see…what else can I babble about. Really…life is just full of playing with Iain…teaching him (love school time with him!)…crocheting up a storm…watching movies/tv with Jim and playing games with both of them. Yeah…Iain is officially a “gamer” (he has been for a while but…he just played his first game of D&D minis last night…which makes him officially part of the club).


He got Skylanders Giants from Santa for Christmas and played and played and played (I have to admit…it’s an awesome game…I have my own Skylanders, though nowhere near as many as Iain…and it’s a lot of fun). We “beat” the game in a couple days…I say “beat” because we don’t consider it beating a game until we have collected everything! But it seems a lot of people consider a game “beat” when you’ve played through all the levels. Ah…what’s the fun in missing over half the game? It’s like LEGO games…what’s the fun in JUST playing through the levels once…rather silly.

Speaking of LEGO games…Iain got his belately birthday gift of LEGO Lord of the Rings the day it came out, which if I remember correctly…was Nov. 14th. There were so many release dates for that thing…can’t remember. Now…that game…was/is AWESOME! We love the LEGO games and, as I’ve told my husband many times, I don’t feel bad spending the  money on them like I would some games because we don’t just play LEGO games…we kill them…we get every last thing including all the PS3 trophies…and then…Iain still continues to play the games. He’s still playing LEGO Batman 2, which we killed a WHILE ago. He just loves them.

Ok…what other random things can I write about?

Let’s not forget karate…the other LOVE of Iain’s life…haha. He got his green belt with black stripe before Christmas…


And…for Christmas he got his black uniform. He has been asking for this since he started over a year ago…he’s super happy to have it…now to get him to wear his white one…ever again. Haha.



I’m sure there’s more I can write about…but for now…I’m off to play…


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Never say never…

I guess…I’m going to start trying to sell afghans. I’ve always said I’d never do it…because it’s too much fun to have to do it…and they are quite a bit of “work”…but after a LOT of encouragement from family and friends…and months and months of prayer…I’ve decided to give it a try. I’ve given TONS away as gifts…and even sold a few without even trying so…we shall see how it goes now that I’m actually going to give it my all…

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A New Craft

My parents came out to visit this weekend and my mom taught me to knit. Not something I had planned to learn any time soon but I was looking for something new to do. I love crocheting…and I will never knit an afghan…I really just love crocheting them too much…and the patterns are awesome…but I’ve been crocheting for 15 years now…none of it’s difficult…and I was looking for a challenge. My mom searched around for a “yarn shop” in our area and found the cutest shop/cafe EVER! The Cast on Cafe. Seriously my favorite store/cafe ever. Good food…GREAT coffee…and an awesome yarn store, too. What could be better?

On Friday, Iain hung out with grandpa/my dad at home (showed him Power Rangers and a TON of books) and my mom and I went to the cafe for breakfast. Got an awesome maple and bacon scone and a chocolate something (don’t remember) and a very good (and big) hazelnut coffee. After looking through all the yarn many many times…my mom purchased a bunch of beautiful purple yarn and I picked up 3 skeins of a wool/acrylic tweed yarn in leaf green, burgundy and navy…and a size 8 circular needle (circular because you can use them like straight needles OR circular needles).

When we got home…my mom taught me to knit in just a few minutes (all you knitters out there that want to make the simple act of knitting seem difficult…you are liars…just saying…’cause knitting isn’t difficult at all). Haha. Knitters (“real” knitters) make knitting seem like it’s something only they can do. Seriously…I learned to cast on in all of 5 seconds…learned to knit and purl…change colors…and cast off…in a matter of minutes. Easy. It took me a few minutes to learn to make a bobble (if I’m going to knit…I’m going to know the different stitches…not just knit and purl)…cabling is extremely logical. I’m just kind of annoyed by all those “knit only” people who make it seem difficult. They made knitting seem intimidating…when it so shouldn’t be.

That being said…I totally agree with anyone who says that knitting is more challenging than crochet. It’s way easier to skip/drop stitches (I’ve done it once…and it’s awesome that you can just fix it rather than taking apart everything like you have to with crochet if you skip a stitch (but…skipping a stitch is pretty darn difficult to do with crochet so…the fact that you can’t just fix it like that…has never been a problem)). I’ve learned to fix lots of common mistakes…because…come on…I just learned Friday…I’m gonna drop stitches…purl when I should have knitted…and do who knows what (sometimes…not even my mom can figure out what I did…haha). But…the nice thing about knitting…you can take it out just like crochet…you just have to make sure that you have the correct number of stitches on your needle…and that they are on there the right way. Difficult the first time…now it’s super easy.

I think it’s funny that my mom just taught me to knit…and I knit different than she does…I hold my yarn different…I use my opposite hand to wrap yarn and blah blah blah…but…the end result is the same. When she taught me…I wasn’t paying attention to what hand she used for what…I was paying attention to the important parts…which direction the needle goes into the stitch…which direction the yarn gets wrapped around the needle…the important aspects that make the stitch…because that’s what matters. My mom’s “method” works for her…and mine works for me. I hold my yarn like I’m crocheting (a difficult habit to break!) but it all works…my stitches are nice and even…and all that important stuff.

So…I’m currently working on a really simple…very nice scarf…using the yarn I picked up at Cast on Cafe. I like my first, simple project. It has taught me a lot and now I can fix all my problems myself…which is important. I don’t allow mistakes to stand…if I drop a stitch…I will figure out where and PICK IT UP (I know some knitters who let it stand…)…I have yet to pick up an extra stitch anywhere…I’m pretty good at sticking to my 32 stitches for this scarf…but if I did…I’d fix it. I’m planning to make a hat to match the scarf but…

My next project is a cabled vest for Iain in a grey tweed. Pretty simple…which is what I’m looking for. Just because knitting is MUCH easier than people make it seem…doesn’t mean I’m going to jump right in to…say…patterns my mom does! Haha. And…I’m starting by making Iain something…because it’s smaller than something I’d make for myself.

I’m sure you will see many posts about knitting in the future…

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“Knight Helmet”

I found a use for some of the Smokey Red Heart Super Tweed yarn I purchased on Saturday! I just bought it because I liked it…and knew I’d find a use for it…and I did. I made Iain a chainmail “knight helmet”. I used a pattern I found through ravelry.com, Crochet Chainmail Hood, but I made quite a few changes in order to get it to fit Iain. I had to go down hook sizes…take out rows…etc…to make it fit and in the end…it’s pretty darn adorable and Iain LOVES it!

And now Iain has a “helmet” to go with his sword 🙂

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Spider-man Hat

In January, you may recall that I made Iain a Spider-man afghan. Since then, I’ve been planning to make him a hat but couldn’t find a pattern. I decided today that I’d take a simple ripple hat pattern and change it to be a spider-man hat. That’s all the spider-man afghan was so…I figured I’d give it a try…and it worked. I started with Suzie’s Ripple Cap…made some changes and…ta-da…

Iain LOVES it…and, at first, he wanted to wear it today…but after a lot of whining…I got him to understand that it’s just way too hot right now. There will be plenty of time to wear it…sooner than I’d like.

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Dino Iain…

I was organizing my yarn closet this morning as I just got a bunch more from my mom on our vacation to NY…and the closet was already exploding with yarn…and Iain found the dinosaur hat I made a while ago for no reason other than I thought the pattern was cute. I guess it is supposed to be a dragon hat but…we call it a dino hat. At the time I made it, I tried to put it on his overly-large head but it wouldn’t go on easily so he yelled at me that “it doesn’t fit!!” So I put it away figuring something would come up sometime. Well…he was insistant that it would fit today!…and managed to stretch it enough to get it on his head…and now he won’t take it off even in our 84 degree house. Haha. I guess he has claimed it as his…How cute is he?!

Iain now calls it his “Koopa hat” because that’s what Jim said…haha.

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One of Jim’s customers just had a baby girl (well…his wife did) so Jim asked me to make a baby blanket for them (yay!!). I went straight to my “favorites” on ravelry.com and it took me all of two seconds to pick which one to make. I’ve been wanting an excuse to make this oh-so-adorable afghan! And I already had all the yarn to make it 🙂

I used this pattern from Lion Brand but made it with Red Heart Super Saver yarn in light raspberry, baby pink, spring green and soft white. I started it Thursday night and finished it yesterday…took me less than a day to make and it’s so cute. Hope they like it, too 🙂

I also decided to make a hat to match, even though there was no pattern for one. I have fun figuring little hats out so…I started with the motif from the afghan and just…made the hat. I’ve made so many hats by now…it’s pretty easy to figure them out. Once again, I will say that hats are NOT easy to take pictures of without them being ON the baby. That said…

This set goes with the baby butterfly hat I posted the other day…too much fun!

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