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Brown Belt Decided

Iain had his first Karate for Kids test this afternoon…tested for Brown Belt Decided (aka…Brown Belt w/ Black Stripe) and he did GREAT…even better than his Tiny Tiger tests where he had to follow the instructor to do his form. Now he has to memorize it and he does AWESOME. He moved up to Karate for Kids about two months ago…though it seems like just yesterday! He’s pretty small for the class (being 6 years old…and a small 6) but…he LOVES it and does so well. He also takes it pretty serious…

He is eagerly awaiting the day he earns his black belt…which will come way sooner that it seems it should. Each time he gets a new belt…he looks back at the line of belts hanging on the wall of his school…to count how many more he has till he gets to black belt.

He also just started the Leadership program…Merry Christmas to him! It’s definitely not inexpensive (what part of Taekwondo is??) but, like everything else about karate…it’s TOTALLY worth the price. He has 7 classes a week now…4 “normal” classes (though sometimes we cut it down to 3…with school and all) and 3 Leadership class (which are by far his favorites). He’s learning so much and getting so much better every day…and having WAY too much fun!


Let’s see…what else…when he went to his doctor’s appt. in November…he was 43″ tall (3.5′ tall) putting him in the 11th percentile for height. And he’s in the 50th percentile for weight. Both percentiles are down from his 5 year appt but…he doesn’t look short when he’s in his kindergarten class so…that’s good.

Kindergarten is going FANTASTIC! He loves it and is doing very well. The other day (Thursday, Dec. 12) he wrote a Letter to Rudolph for a school project…he had fun decided what to tell Rudolph. I had to help him spell a couple words like “voice”…ones you can’t really sound out…but he did VERY well writing the letter and had so much fun, too 🙂




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My Dr. Appt.

I had a doctors appt. this morning (finally…haha…I’ve gotten over the concern for my heart things by now so it was more just a general check up). I found out some interesting/great things…

I’m 5’7.25″ tall (who knew?…I thought I was 5’5…haha)…

My resting heart rate is 95…a little high, which means that when it goes up to 115-120…it’s no big deal, which means that it shouldn’t be a big enough difference for me to notice or have any other symptoms so…since I have nausea and dizziness during the high heart rate times…I have to have blood work done to check for anemia (wouldn’t be a first for that one) and thyroid problems (runs in the family so…have to keep up with getting checked and I guess there’s a greater chance for thyroid problems after you have a kid). So…I have homework to do…I have to keep track of what my heart rate actually goes up to during the spells and how often/how long they last…I have another appt. June 10th to follow up. And this afternoon I have to head over to the hospital to see the vampires. Fun fun.

Am hoping for good results from the blood tests but I’m not too concern. Anemia is seriously nothing…no big deal and wouldn’t be anything new. And…thyroid problems usually just require a pill (oh no!) and I doubt there’s anything wrong and I’ll just have to go on living with the heart annoyances. Definitely not the end of the world.

They did yet another EKG (I’m kind of tired of these things ’cause they never show anything new) and are getting my records from NY to compare and make sure nothing’s changed. I’m not concerned about that one…the worst thing it’ll show is that I have a murmur (well…duh).

The best news I found out…is that my BP is back to what it was before I was pregnant!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!! It’s been a long haul but it’s back to 110/70 🙂 That is the most fantastic news 🙂 I was so happy with my BP before I was pregnant…and then it got all screwed up but…here it is a year and a half later and it’s back to normal 🙂 I haven’t even lost all the weight I need/want to lose and it’s back to that. Guess I don’t want it going any lower so I have to watch it as I lose weight but currently it’s great 🙂

So…all in all a good doctor’s visit. I love my new doctor…he’s from northern NY (actual northern…like border of Canada northern not “upstate” NY) and he reminds me a lot of the doctor I really liked in NY so…that’s great. And…he spent TONS of time with me…explaining tons of things and such. Even the nurses were nice and that’s definitely a rarity! I chose this practice based on location (it’s 2 miles away right down 20)…haha…and not reviews or word of mouth or anything so…I’m quite pleased that I like it there.

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Doctors (Part II)

I just made a doctor’s appt. for myself. Ok…so it’s not a big deal to most people but it is for me. I hate doctors and I hate going when I don’t feel 100% because I’m worried I’m being a hypochondriac…worrying about nothing. But I guess it’s better to know it’s nothing than to just assume and…the main reason I’m going is to get a doctor in the area…that’s a good thing to have. And…I was supposed to have my BP monitored once a month and it’s been over a year. Good one, Gillian! So much for following doctor’s orders.

Anyway…so I called a place today (just picked one at random…pretty much…all I really care off the bat is that it’s NOT a female doctor) and told them that I needed a general check up and to have my BP checked and such because I had high BP and was supposed to have it monitored. See…nothing hypochondriacal there (like my word?). Just general info and they quickly made an appointment for next Thursday. I’m like…it’s not an emergency but…I guess high BP so “young” isn’t something to play with. Oops. But…I’m thinking if I was old it wouldn’t be something to play with either. I’m thinking in general…high BP isn’t good. Anyway…I’m going next Thursday and will let you know how it goes. Probably nothing but at least I’m getting a doctor out here and will know so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

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I forgot to mention this…I guess it was “announced” a little while ago but I just found out this week.

“Lake Hospital System has named pediatrician J. Donald Lucker of LakeEast Hospital in Painesville and anesthesiologist John J. Scerbo physicians of the year for 2008.”

Pretty cool…’cause Dr. Lucker is Iain’s pediatrician 🙂

Besides that pretty cool news…I have finally made Iain’s 18 month appt…about time…since he turns 18 months a week from tomorrow. He can’t have an appt. before Apr. 30th, though, hence my ability to procrastinate…because that’s three months from his last appt. and with shots and such…anyway…so his appt. is May 1st at 9am. Why didn’t I learn from last time not to make his appt. on Friday right before storytime? Ah…stupidness. I am debating whether or not to call and change the appt. to a different day/time but for now…that’s where it stands.

Now…my job is to make an appt. for me to go to the doctors. Might not sound like a big deal but I haven’t been in over a year (not bad for me) and I hate going to doctors…except Dr. Perkes and he’s all the way in NY and not a GP…haha. You’d think I’d be used to it after being pregnant but…I’m not. I hate that doctors never listen and it kind of makes me see going to them…as completely pointless. I still hate it but…I know it’s necessary so…I searched on our insurance company’s website and found a family practice that’s close by and such…walking distance equals wonderful. I figured (while talking to my mom…she walked me through all this because I so wouldn’t do it on my own…even though I know I should) that family practice is good…mostly ’cause I had to make a decision and that’s the one I made. They are on lunch till 1:15 though so I’m killing time till then. I think after the first time…it’ll be easier. It’s just annoying ’cause I have to have all my records sent to the new place and such, which is just plain annoying.

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