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‘Cause that’s how much I’ve kept up on this lately. Ah well. BUSY! I’m sure all of you who are actually reading this know I have started my own little Etsy shop (Enfys Creations) and it’s been doing insanely well for as little as I advertise! During December, I literally had at least one order a day…custom or ready-made, which is more than I could have asked for considering I just started. Awesome!Β 

It’s slowed down, which is a good thing, by the way. I still have plenty of orders to keep me busy and am attempting to post new items when I have the time to do it! I have a TON of items lined up…tons of fun.


It’s 2013 now…which is just ridiculous. I remember when Iain was born, I figured out when he’d be starting school (kindergarten)…2013 seemed so far away. Not that I would say time has flown…it’s just funny. Yep…he starts kindergarten this fall and he’s SUPER excited. It’s only half-day, which is nice…for both of us…it would be quite the shock to go from no school to full-day school. I’m sure we’d handle either but…anyway…I like half-day.

Let’s see…what else can I babble about. Really…life is just full of playing with Iain…teaching him (love school time with him!)…crocheting up a storm…watching movies/tv with Jim and playing games with both of them. Yeah…Iain is officially a “gamer” (he has been for a while but…he just played his first game of D&D minis last night…which makes him officially part of the club).


He got Skylanders Giants from Santa for Christmas and played and played and played (I have to admit…it’s an awesome game…I have my own Skylanders, though nowhere near as many as Iain…and it’s a lot of fun). We “beat” the game in a couple days…I say “beat” because we don’t consider it beating a game until we have collected everything! But it seems a lot of people consider a game “beat” when you’ve played through all the levels. Ah…what’s the fun in missing over half the game? It’s like LEGO games…what’s the fun in JUST playing through the levels once…rather silly.

Speaking of LEGO games…Iain got his belately birthday gift of LEGO Lord of the Rings the day it came out, which if I remember correctly…was Nov. 14th. There were so many release dates for that thing…can’t remember. Now…that game…was/is AWESOME! We love the LEGO games and, as I’ve told my husband many times, I don’t feel bad spending the Β money on them like I would some games because we don’t just playΒ LEGO games…we kill them…we get every last thing including all the PS3 trophies…and then…Iain still continues to play the games. He’s still playing LEGO Batman 2, which we killed a WHILE ago. He just loves them.

Ok…what other random things can I write about?

Let’s not forget karate…the other LOVE of Iain’s life…haha. He got his green belt with black stripe before Christmas…


And…for Christmas he got his black uniform. He has been asking for this since he started over a year ago…he’s super happy to have it…now to get him to wear his white one…ever again. Haha.



I’m sure there’s more I can write about…but for now…I’m off to play…


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I have been HORRIBLE at writing here…so here’s the deal. When I feel like writing here…I will…and it will probably not be too long and drawn out…but at least it’s here so I remember in the days/months/years to come.

When my family was out Labor Day weekend, we went to the Celtic Festival across the street and there was Japanese fan dancing (don’t know why…’cause that’s not very Celtic-y). The second Iain saw it he asked to sit and watch…then they had a part where people from the audience could go on stage and learn some…and my mom went up and did it. I told Iain he could go up if he wanted to but…he didn’t. After the first song…he looked at me and asked “why aren’t I up there?”…”umm…’cause you said you didn’t want to…you can go up with grandma”…and he ran up and followed along…pretty darn cute. Not many 4 year old boys would be so eager to watch (and join in) Japanese fan dancing (that’s probably not what it’s called…I know…but that’s what it was). Jim has pictures on his cell phone…I need to get them from him and post them!

When we were at Jim’s parents to take care of their cats while they were away a couple weeks ago, Iain was playing around and leaning off the to do headstands (a common thing for kids to do…haha…I remember doing it when I was little, too)…when we were in the car going home…he said his head hurt…so I told him it was just a little rug burn so…he asked for some “rug block” so the rug couldn’t burn him anymore. Haha. Rug block…like sun block for rugs.

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I turned the big 3-0 this past weekend…I had planned on staying 29 but…despite what I used to think…30 really isn’t that old. Haha. When I was 20…30 was unimaginable…seemed so far away…and so old. But…I’m 30 now and…seriously don’t feel old. I have days here and there when I feel ANCIENT…haha…but I’ve pretty much always had them. So…

Rachel came out for my birthday weekend (kind of a tradition since we moved out here). We had great fun. Went to the movies to see The Phantom Menace in 3D on Sunday, which Iain totally loved…yay for seeing Darth Maul on the BIG screen…he’d obviously already seen the movie but…it’s a whole new experience in the theatre in 3D πŸ™‚ And we found out during the previews that there’s going to be a new Spider-man movie coming out in 3D, which we might just have to go see.

Other than that…we hung out…went to the “toy store”, where Rachel picked Iain up some more Star Wars LEGOs…

We also went to two of my favorite places…the antiques co-op, where I spent some of my birthday money and got a magazine rack (which I wanted/needed)…

A new vintage purse/carpet bag…

And a couple other things. I could seriously spend way too much time there (and have in the past)…love it there.

Also went to the West Side Market on Monday (thankfully Jim could take off to drive there because of a couple of reasons…including…I don’t drive in/into the city). We spent a few hours there buying lots of wonderful foods…had lunch…great fun.

Rachel picked Iain up a LEGO cupcake at one of the bakeries, which he enjoyed when we got home.

We also watched a few movies this weekend…including Dolphin Tale (which I loved…and Iain did, too πŸ™‚ )…and Larry Crowne (which I liked a lot…and Iain didn’t understand, which is ok…because it was my birthday movie). Also re-watched some Black Books (a British TV show we all highly recommend!…we being…my parents, Rachel, Jim and I.)

All in all…a fantastic long weekend.

What’s up for this week? Iain had karate last night…he has it again tonight…but has off for a couple days because of testing. He tests for his yellow belt on Saturday morning…he is SUPER excited. Can’t believe he’s going to be a little yellow belt already…sparring is coming up a little too fast for my liking (and not fast enough for Iain’s…haha).

We also signed Iain up for another karate tournament in PA. It’s in mid-March and he’s very excited!

Note: I know I haven’t been writing here much but…not for lack of content…more for lack of time…we shall see if I get better at keeping up or not…

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Saturday, December 24

Iain got to open one present Christmas Eve…morning. Kind of a tradition in both our families to open one present Christmas Eve so…Iain got one from us…chosen both because we knew he’d love it…and because he’s extremely into little LEGOs…and I mean LITTLE LEGOs…down to the tiny guys and swords and studs and all…and we’re tired of them being EVERYWHERE…haha. So…a LEGO case was definitely in order and since we both knew he’d be getting more LEGOs that night…we thought it the perfect Christmas Eve gift. Plus…I wanted to clean…and has nowhere to put his tiny LEGOs.

Jim found this case and it’s just perfect…holds all his LEGOs (for now) and he plays with it like a ship…so it’s like we got him the Millenium Falcon, too πŸ™‚

We went to church at 4…very nice service…and then we headed to Jim’s grandma’s for our traditional Christmas Eve Christmas with Jim’s parents and grandma. Lots of fun and excitement for all. Though Iain literally loved everything…the hits of the night were…

Harry Potter LEGOs...including Harry, Hedwig, his trunk and a trolley...it was on his list πŸ™‚

Death Star Planetarium, also on his list πŸ™‚

We left after 9…got home around 9:30…and after finally getting Iain to sleep…I made breakfast for the next morning (which needed to sit in the fridge over night) at 10:30…and finally started wrapping all the gifts “from Santa” at 11.

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Friday, December 23

I made it…it’s been less than a month and I’m writing πŸ™‚

Christmas was so much fun this year…everything just gets more and more fun every year.

Though we got all of our Christmas shopping done for everyone “early” this year (aka…before the week before Christmas)…Jim and I hadn’t gotten each other anything…and Iain hadn’t either. So…on Friday, I took Iain out shopping for Jim and we had so much fun. Iain had his own ideas of what dad wanted…”I’m really thinking dad doesn’t want Bolt the video game for Christmas, Iain”…haha.

When Jim got home from work, he took Iain out shopping all by himself. That’s only the second or third time he’s ever gone out with dad by himself…ever. It was SOOOOOOOOO quiet at home…I had planned to relax…but instead I took care of the laundry folding/putting away…cleaned some…and called my mom to tell her how quiet it was…haha. It is anything but quiet when Iain’s here (which is all the time). I LOVE the constant talking. When it wasn’t there…it was just weird. Anyway…they had great fun shopping for me πŸ™‚ And the second they got home…Iain asked to “play my LEGO Batman game”…ummmm…”I don’t have a LEGO Batman video game, Iain…but if I did…yeah…you could play it”…a few minutes later…”mom, you gonna share your chocolate?”…ummmm…”I don’t have any chocolate”…at which point Jim threw his hands up and we exchanged gifts. Haha. Iain wasn’t the best secret keeper ever…though all he told Jim was that we got him video games and well…duh.

It was really cute getting my gifts from them. You could so tell that Iain did the shopping…I got Mario Galaxy and LEGO Batman (both of which Iain wanted…haha…and I love playing games with him so…that’s great)…and mixed chocolate from Iain and a pound of sea salt caramels from Jim all from the Confectionary Cupboard (the one thing I asked for for Christmas…the rest was just bonus).

Anyway…it was so much fun…and Iain was sooooo adorable.

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We got up…packed the car and headed to my grandma’s to go out for breakfast before going home. We dropped Tika off at her house because we don’t leave her in the car ever…let along when it’s hot…and we picked my grandma up and headed to the Blue Ribbon Diner. It’s kind of tradition to go there with grandma πŸ™‚ Iain had soooooo much fun with great grandma during breakfast…

"Singing with my fingers." That's what Iain calls it. He sings while flipping his lips...silly little man.

Making Spider-man "sing with his fingers", too.

And eating her food. He won’t eat the food we actually order for him…but he’ll eat anything from other people’s plates so…we tend to not bother ordering for him at restaurants. We got him an English muffin…but he ate grandma’s pancakes and eggs instead…ah well. He did eat some of his muffin but only after Jim said he was going to eat it. Then it was ok because it was dad’s. Ah.

After breakfast, we went back to grandma’s and let Tika run around in the backyard for a bit with Missy (my grandma’s beagle)…they have soooooo much fun together! Missy is very laid back so she doesn’t mind that Tika barks…Tika’s a REALLY quiet dog…unless there are other dogs around…then you can’t get her to shut up! That’s where she gets in trouble. If the other dog doesn’t care that she’s barking (like Missy and Brooklyn, my parents’ dog)…they get along great…but if the other dog doesn’t like her barking. . . Anyway…so they ran around for a while…my grandma took a GREAT picture of the 4 of us. The best one to date! We are all looking at the camera…we are all looking “normal” and Tika’s looking cute, too. I will definitely be getting a print of this picture…

We headed back home…made the trip in about 9.5 hours…but it was quick. We got home around 8:30pm…nice. Usually the driving seems LONG!! but for some reason…it didn’t this time. I didn’t even remember to bring CDs with us or anything (and if you’ve ever driven through Western NY…unless you like country…there’s nothing!). Jim and I talked…and Iain watched his DVDs on a borrowed portable DVD player (thanks, Rachel!)…we stopped quite a bit for coffee and bathroom breaks…and the trip flew by.

When we got home…Iain got to use his new Step 2 easel/desk, which Jim picked up after someone from Rachel’s apartment complex left it near the dumpter (it’s just missing the bins/drawers but that’s easily rectified). Iain LOVES it!

The first thing he drew...a shark under water. The shark was more visible before the water but...sharks are under water so. . .

We all had a fantastic vacation!!! But we are all happy to be home and are getting back to normal. Jim took yesterday off from work…great idea! And today…he’s back to work…and Iain and I are hanging out at home.

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We all got up early and drove down to my parents’ in Rachel’s car. It was so nice to not drive for a day! I’d been driving Thurs., Fri., and Sat….so glad Rachel offered to drive! We got to my parents’ and then headed to The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT. Haven’t been there in a long time…since my dad was going on class trips with us…yeah…it’s been a LONG time. Didn’t remember it at all (not surprising). The aquarium is really nice…if you’re ever in the area…I highly recommend checking it out.

Outside the aquarium.

Being a BIG turtle.



A fish with HUGE eyes.

Touching a star fish.

Holding a mermaid's purse.

Watching the otters with grandpa. They were WAY too fast to get a decent picture of in the limited time I had...but so much fun to watch!


Checking out the frogs with dad.

Shark food!

Watching the meerkats.

Smiles with the baby dinosaur.

Steering the boat.

Fishing off the back of the boat.

During our last potty break at the aquarium…before going to the gift shop…I told Iain that we were going to the store there…and he promptly asked “and Rachel??”…I’m like…”of course…Rachel…and grandma and grandpa and daddy”…to which he replied…”and Rachel.” We were all together the whole time so I didn’t understand why he was wondering if they were coming, too. When we got out of the bathroom…he went and took Rachel’s hand to go to the gift shop. He doesn’t really take people’s hands without being asked (other than mine…and Jim’s, obviously, we don’t have to ask)…so it was odd. I told Rachel how he’d been asking if she was going to the shop, too…and Rachel’s like…”ah…someone’s figured out that aunt Rachel buys him stuff at the gift shops”. Haha. I didn’t realize that’s why he was asking about her coming but…he has, in fact, realized that Rachel always gets him something wherever we go. She likes to get his birthday and Christmas gifts with him…and that hasn’t escaped him. Haha. We went to the gift shop and Rachel got him a HUGE sea turtle…Rachel found it and showed it to Iain and he started riding it around the store…how can you say no to that? Haha. Iain named him Crush…like in Finding Nemo…LOVES him.

After the aquarium, we headed to Danbury for lunch at Red Lobster.

Having fallen asleep with Crush on the way to the restaurant.

Haven’t been there in ages. Fun time and good food…

He had a small milkshake and it made his hands cold so grandpa gave him his coffee cup to warm up his hands. Iain got quite the kick out of that πŸ™‚

Then we went back to Rachel’s…hung out and watched some Star Wars. We all went to bed kind of early…Iain was asleep by 9pm (early for this vacation!).

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