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New Computer!!!

We got a new computer!!! It’s super exciting because our poor little old Mac mini is 7-8 years old and it is just painfully slow. It does need to be reformatted but…I had no way of getting anything off of it to reformat it and…even reformatted…it wasn’t compatible with ANYTHING. We will be reformatting the Mac and we will still be using it for some things but…we NEEDED a new computer (it shouldn’t take me 5 minutes to update the price of an item in my Etsy store just because the computer has to “think” way too much!). Anyway…so I am using our new one! Took a matter of seconds to update multiple listings in my shop…which is fantastic! Who wants to waste time updating listings when you could be getting ACTUAL things done.

It’s going to take some getting used to. For one thing…it’s Windows 8…and we haven’t had a Windows computer in AGES (like…over a decade). And…Windows 8 is weird (different than the previous Windows I have used). What’s extremely nice…all of our devices are actually compatible with this computer!!! Even our iPods weren’t compatible with our Mac mini (which is just sad Apple…considering they’re compatible with Windows 98…just saying).

Anyway…spending some time today getting used to the computer. I will need to new version of Photoshop as I only have Mac software…but it’s not like we were up to date though…I’m using Photoshop 7 (of course…it does everything I need it to do so…). Quite am extreme difference going from 1GB RAM to 8GB RAM. All in all…really nice computer so far…

I thought I’d share a photo of Iain from Easter…since I haven’t gotten around to uploading them anywhere! We had a great day…Easter eggs hunts and family time πŸ™‚ He was hunting for dinosaur eggs and LOVED IT!!!



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‘Cause that’s how much I’ve kept up on this lately. Ah well. BUSY! I’m sure all of you who are actually reading this know I have started my own little Etsy shop (Enfys Creations) and it’s been doing insanely well for as little as I advertise! During December, I literally had at least one order a day…custom or ready-made, which is more than I could have asked for considering I just started. Awesome!Β 

It’s slowed down, which is a good thing, by the way. I still have plenty of orders to keep me busy and am attempting to post new items when I have the time to do it! I have a TON of items lined up…tons of fun.


It’s 2013 now…which is just ridiculous. I remember when Iain was born, I figured out when he’d be starting school (kindergarten)…2013 seemed so far away. Not that I would say time has flown…it’s just funny. Yep…he starts kindergarten this fall and he’s SUPER excited. It’s only half-day, which is nice…for both of us…it would be quite the shock to go from no school to full-day school. I’m sure we’d handle either but…anyway…I like half-day.

Let’s see…what else can I babble about. Really…life is just full of playing with Iain…teaching him (love school time with him!)…crocheting up a storm…watching movies/tv with Jim and playing games with both of them. Yeah…Iain is officially a “gamer” (he has been for a while but…he just played his first game of D&D minis last night…which makes him officially part of the club).


He got Skylanders Giants from Santa for Christmas and played and played and played (I have to admit…it’s an awesome game…I have my own Skylanders, though nowhere near as many as Iain…and it’s a lot of fun). We “beat” the game in a couple days…I say “beat” because we don’t consider it beating a game until we have collected everything! But it seems a lot of people consider a game “beat” when you’ve played through all the levels. Ah…what’s the fun in missing over half the game? It’s like LEGO games…what’s the fun in JUST playing through the levels once…rather silly.

Speaking of LEGO games…Iain got his belately birthday gift of LEGO Lord of the Rings the day it came out, which if I remember correctly…was Nov. 14th. There were so many release dates for that thing…can’t remember. Now…that game…was/is AWESOME! We love the LEGO games and, as I’ve told my husband many times, I don’t feel bad spending the Β money on them like I would some games because we don’t just playΒ LEGO games…we kill them…we get every last thing including all the PS3 trophies…and then…Iain still continues to play the games. He’s still playing LEGO Batman 2, which we killed a WHILE ago. He just loves them.

Ok…what other random things can I write about?

Let’s not forget karate…the other LOVE of Iain’s life…haha. He got his green belt with black stripe before Christmas…


And…for Christmas he got his black uniform. He has been asking for this since he started over a year ago…he’s super happy to have it…now to get him to wear his white one…ever again. Haha.



I’m sure there’s more I can write about…but for now…I’m off to play…

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Saturday, December 24

Iain got to open one present Christmas Eve…morning. Kind of a tradition in both our families to open one present Christmas Eve so…Iain got one from us…chosen both because we knew he’d love it…and because he’s extremely into little LEGOs…and I mean LITTLE LEGOs…down to the tiny guys and swords and studs and all…and we’re tired of them being EVERYWHERE…haha. So…a LEGO case was definitely in order and since we both knew he’d be getting more LEGOs that night…we thought it the perfect Christmas Eve gift. Plus…I wanted to clean…and has nowhere to put his tiny LEGOs.

Jim found this case and it’s just perfect…holds all his LEGOs (for now) and he plays with it like a ship…so it’s like we got him the Millenium Falcon, too πŸ™‚

We went to church at 4…very nice service…and then we headed to Jim’s grandma’s for our traditional Christmas Eve Christmas with Jim’s parents and grandma. Lots of fun and excitement for all. Though Iain literally loved everything…the hits of the night were…

Harry Potter LEGOs...including Harry, Hedwig, his trunk and a trolley...it was on his list πŸ™‚

Death Star Planetarium, also on his list πŸ™‚

We left after 9…got home around 9:30…and after finally getting Iain to sleep…I made breakfast for the next morning (which needed to sit in the fridge over night) at 10:30…and finally started wrapping all the gifts “from Santa” at 11.

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Friday, December 23

I made it…it’s been less than a month and I’m writing πŸ™‚

Christmas was so much fun this year…everything just gets more and more fun every year.

Though we got all of our Christmas shopping done for everyone “early” this year (aka…before the week before Christmas)…Jim and I hadn’t gotten each other anything…and Iain hadn’t either. So…on Friday, I took Iain out shopping for Jim and we had so much fun. Iain had his own ideas of what dad wanted…”I’m really thinking dad doesn’t want Bolt the video game for Christmas, Iain”…haha.

When Jim got home from work, he took Iain out shopping all by himself. That’s only the second or third time he’s ever gone out with dad by himself…ever. It was SOOOOOOOOO quiet at home…I had planned to relax…but instead I took care of the laundry folding/putting away…cleaned some…and called my mom to tell her how quiet it was…haha. It is anything but quiet when Iain’s here (which is all the time). I LOVE the constant talking. When it wasn’t there…it was just weird. Anyway…they had great fun shopping for me πŸ™‚ And the second they got home…Iain asked to “play my LEGO Batman game”…ummmm…”I don’t have a LEGO Batman video game, Iain…but if I did…yeah…you could play it”…a few minutes later…”mom, you gonna share your chocolate?”…ummmm…”I don’t have any chocolate”…at which point Jim threw his hands up and we exchanged gifts. Haha. Iain wasn’t the best secret keeper ever…though all he told Jim was that we got him video games and well…duh.

It was really cute getting my gifts from them. You could so tell that Iain did the shopping…I got Mario Galaxy and LEGO Batman (both of which Iain wanted…haha…and I love playing games with him so…that’s great)…and mixed chocolate from Iain and a pound of sea salt caramels from Jim all from the Confectionary Cupboard (the one thing I asked for for Christmas…the rest was just bonus).

Anyway…it was so much fun…and Iain was sooooo adorable.

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Over a month later…

Yeah…it’s been too long. I won’t be making excuses…nor writing a “catch up” post…merely because…way too much has happened in the past month and a half to write a catch up post. I have lots of pictures…most of which you’ve seen elsewhere (on FB…Snapfish..or in emails) so…I’m just going to start from here…

Last night we went to the farmpark to see the Country Lights. We barely made our ticket time…but we made it and had a great time riding on the horse-drawn wagon…and seeing all the lights. I think Iain’s favorite was the “light tunnel”…

Enjoying the ride...

When we went inside, Jim got some popcorn to share with Iain…and then we went to wait in the line to see Santa, who took a break from 7-7:30 so…lining up at 7:15 meant there wasn’t much of a line…

Waiting in line to see Santa...

He was sooooooo cute…he ran right up to Santa and sat down next to him…took an extremely adorable picture! and then told him exactly what he wanted for Christmas…a “power rangers morpher”…which was news to us until yesterday…Thanks, Iain, for telling Santa… He’s been telling us “Santa’s bringing an Ewok and a Rancor”…for months…and changed it yesterday…Santa’s still bringing the Ewok and Rancor…but he’s bringing a morpher, too. Haha. Too cute!

After seeing Santa, we walked around for a bit…got some more really cute pictures. Considering Iain wasn’t feeling very well (I think he has a cold ALL winter…seriously!)…he was quite the sport about the pictures…

Hugging Rudolph...

"Ok, mom, I'm done with the picture thing..." Haha.

Then…we went home. Great fun!

What’s coming up this week? Iain has karate tonight and tomorrow…then he tests for his orange belt with a black stripe on Saturday!! (They do half-belts with the Tiny Tigers.) Iain is SUPER excited!!!

Now…hopefully it won’t be another month before I post on here again…

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A few months ago, Iain started a new (not so lovely) behavior…whenever we went to a “toy store” (every store is a “toy store” nowadays…if you look hard enough!)…he’d beg to get something. Yeah…a very common behavior among kids of all ages. Most of the time…if we said “no” (or some variation of “no”)…he was ok…and we’d go about our day. Other times (especially when it involved a new Star Wars action figure!) he’d just start whining and whining and wouldn’t give up. Oh gosh. The whining he can do! While I’m very glad he’s not a big crier (I always feel bad for those parents whose kids CRY and SCREAM in the stores)…boy can he WHINE! Well…once while we were at Walmart (his favorite place to WHINE!)…I just told him “put it on a list and maybe you’ll get it for your birthday.” Well…he took me quite serious and had me start a list on my iPod.

Now…any time he starts whining for something…I tell him “we’ll put it on your list…ok?”…and that settles it. It’s awesome! Now…he’s getting the point and (for the most part…as long as he’s not over-tired) he just asks me to put it on his list without whining at all. Woo-hoo!

We’ve recently had to say “you might get it for birthday or Christmas”…haha…because he has one EXTENSIVE list! Every time he sees a new character in the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series, he says…”I want him to turn to toy!…mom…can you add him to my list?” And then I take out my iPod and add him to his list. The nice thing is…he doesn’t expect to get all these toys for his birthday…or Christmas…we’ve made sure that is understood 100%…but he likes that his toy “wants” aren’t just ignored…haha. He also seems to think he can only get toys that are on his list…so he’s sure to put all toys he wants on it.

Today, I decided to make him an online wish list…because the “note” on my iPod is getting a little too long…a little too confusing. Iain helped and had way too much fun finding his list online. He’s not finished yet but…couldn’t exactly do it all today. I’m sure it will be updated often as he is constantly adding to his list.

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Rachel came out to visit on Thursday and stayed till Monday morning. It had been a while…since Thanksgiving!!! and it was really nice to see her (we talk on the phone all the time but it’s not the same). We did lots of shopping…lots of movie watching…went to a couple of parks and had some excellent food. Great weekend!

Friday…we did a TON of shopping…went to Target, where Rachel got Iain a big iron man that talks…Iain has named him “the biggest iron man i ever seen” and a couple of Kung Fu Panda toys (a Tigress (which he’s been asking for for a long time!) and an evil Gorilla)…got a bunch of other stuff, too. Anyway…then we went to Autozone…the mall…Pinera Bread and the grocery store. We were all exhausted by the time we got home! so we watched some movies and hung out for the rest of the day…and Iain played with “the biggest iron man i ever seen”.

Saturday…Happy 7th Anniversary to us!!! Yep…as of this past Saturday (May 28th), Jim and I have been married for 7 years πŸ™‚

I don’t feel old enough to have been married for 7 years…but I’m thinking that’s a good thing…it’s better than feeling ancient…which I certainly did for a while there.

Anyway…we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 Saturday afternoon at a BIG theatre (aka…a Regal theatre…not the inexpensive theatre across the street). Iain’s been talking about Kung Fu Panda 2 for months! We’d been planning to go to Kung Fu Panda 2 for years…seriously…since we found out one was going to be coming out at some point…so it was a long awaited movie. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be a lame sequel…and it wasn’t. It was actually really good…Iain loved it from beginning to end. Now…to wait for it to come out on blu-ray so he can memorize this one, too.

Sunday morning…Jim needed to drop off an MG to its owner and, not wanting to be 45 minutes early to church, we went to Concord park after dropping the car off. Nice…but really hot. Then we went to church…came home and got ready to go to the Holden Arboretum…grabbed water…put on sunblock…etc. Then we headed to the arboretum. It was extremely hot! and humid! but still great fun.

“I gonna eat little water bugs!” (Talking about the restaurant we were going to after the arboretum)

“Dad’s gonna eat BIG water bugs!!!”

After the arboretum…we had to make a quick stop at a store for a shirt for Iain because his previous one got drenched. Then, Rachel took us out to linner (lunch/dinner) at Pickle Bills for our anniversary. I’d never been…and Jim hadn’t been for a long time. Was really good…great place to take Iain because there is SOOOOOO much to look at. And Iain did, indeed, eat “water bugs” πŸ™‚

Eating a crab leg (aka…”water bug”)…

After linner, we came back home and hung out for the rest of the night.

Monday…Rachel left to go home around 10-ish and Iain and I headed outside to pick at my garden because other than making sure it had water…I didn’t really do much with it this weekend. Iain was exhausted and actually slept yesterday afternoon AND went to sleep at night like normal…and slept through the night! Really nice…he didn’t sleep well this weekend because he was over-tired from skipping his afternoon rest. Throw off his daily schedule…and nights are just awful.

All in all a really nice weekend.

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