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We went to a local park this morning for a Snowshoeing program. It was quite a to-do to get there…Jim accidentally took the car to work with him so he had to rush it back to us…our GPS wouldn’t find us (which I was kind of counting on to get to the park)…a few minutes into the drive the “Low Tire Pressure” light went on. Blah. But…we eventually got to the park on time! We’ve only been to the park in the spring/summer…never noticed there was a ski lodge there (and since none of us ski…really had no reason to know that anyway). Iain got little snowshoes…

All ready to go.

All ready to go.

We headed out…the kids got some instructions…and then they were off…

Waiting to GO!

Waiting to GO!

A few seconds after we started out…one of Iain’s snowshoes fell off (he has very small feet and even their smallest ones wouldn’t fit quite right…he was also the smallest/youngest kid there…but that’s ok 🙂 ). One of the instructors helped put it back on and we were off again…and then…it fell off AGAIN. So…we went back to the lodge and he got a different snowshoe and we were off AGAIN! The rest of the group was way far ahead of us by this time so…he ended up with his own private lesson…

Learning to "walk like a zombie".

Learning to “walk like a zombie”.

He made it quite a distance before the snowshoe fell off again…

Though he had some technical difficulties with his snowshoes due to his tiny little feet…he still had a FANTASTIC time!

When the lodge was in sight…Iain decided it was a race…and ran in his snowshoes back to the lodge…


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Catch It!

On June 7th, I took Iain to Veterans Park for a fishing program (Catch It!). We went to the same program last year…but this year was so different. Kids change so much in a year! Last year…I helped Iain…this year…he needed (and wanted) no help. Last year…he caught 7 fish with my help…this year…he caught 6 all by himself (5 baby sunnies and 1 baby bass). I have to say…it was even more fun this year than it was last year! He had sooooooo much fun doing it all by himself. His favorite part…definitely throwing the fish back. He LOVED it. That was pretty much his reason for catching fish…so he could throw them back…and do his slightly maniacal laugh…which was pretty darn funny. He thought it was hilarious that they jumped out of his hands into the water. I wish I’d thought to catch some of it on video but…I was having too much fun for that. I did, however, manage to take pictures (easier to do this year with him fishing by himself).

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October Fun!

We had a busy night. Iain went to karate from 4:45-5:15 and then straight to a Halloween Party at a local park. He was exhausted from karate (yeah…just half an hour totally knocks him out because he puts so much energy into his class!)…but we had lots of fun all the same…just didn’t make it all the way to the end of the party.

He got a kick out of scaring all the other kids. He didn’t do it on purpose…just turns out little kids are afraid of Darth Vader…and Iain went around doing “the Vader breathing” and loudly humming the Vader theme music…kids tended to hide behind their parents…and Iain thought it was funny. If only the kids knew that under the Vader mask was an extremely silly little man.

Doing "the choking thing"...

Painting a pumpkin...

I thought he was finished painting the pumpkin…but his pumpkin still “needed a face!” So he painted on a ghostly face…

Fishing for ghosts...

Mini golfing with eggs is tough!

We went to A Christmas Story House in Cleveland with Jim’s parents. They got us tickets for Christmas last year and we finally made plans to go! Iain hadn’t seen the movie in a year so we showed him a bit Friday morning before we left. He LOVES the movie (and actually remembered it from last year…I’m always impressed by his memory!) so he was very excited to go to “Ralphie’s house”…

It was a cold and rainy day but surprisingly enough…even in October…there were about a dozen or more people at the house. We all had a great time…and Iain had fun reinacting some of his favorite parts. The second the tour guide was done talking…he wanted to go straight upstairs to see the boys’ bedroom…and he insisted on sitting on the toilet “just like Ralphie”…

And he just had to sit under the sink “like Randy”…

Lots of fun.

After A Christmas Story House…we headed over to the West Side Market. I’d never been and it’s ridiculously huge…LOVE it!! Iain was really good…he got very tired…understably so…but he had a yummy hotdog…and helped us pick some stuff to bring home…so he had a good time, too…

Our church had Halloween Trunk or Treat. Too much fun. People decorated the trunks of their cars and the kids went around and trick or treated…and there were lots of games inside. Iain had SOOOO much fun! Sooooo many people came!

All ready to go Trunk or Treating...

Jim was in charge of our trunk as I was taking Iain around. He set up his fog machine in the car and everything.

The whole Halloween thing is WAY more fun this year than last year. Iain LOVES Halloween…dressing up like Darth Vader…and seeing all the other kids dressed up like all different characters…Wolverine…Spider-man (both red and black)…the red Power Ranger…and Princess Leia…Jengo Fett…Arf Trooper…just to name a few. Tons of fun…and we aren’t quite finished with the Halloween thing. We still have a Halloween party on Saturday! and real trick-or-treating with Jim’s mom on Halloween night. Iain’s sure loving being Darth Vader.

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This is one of the pictures the instructor took 😀 This was like…the 5th fish. She took one of the first fish, too, but I don’t have that one. Yay for having a picture from today!!!

Also forgot to mention a cute little thing. The volunteers let the kids throw the fish back if they wanted to…and Iain did quite well on the first two but…some were very feisty and flipped out of his hands onto the dock. He tried to pick them up off the dock but they’d flip away from him and he’d laugh and laugh…but he’d eventually get them back into the water with the help of the volunteer. In the end, he decided “the fish are too silly” for him to throw back in the water…and just asked the volunteer to do it. Hahaha. Everyone had a good laugh over that one. Silly little man.

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Fishing Frenzy

This morning at 9:30 we headed out to Veterans Park to go to a toddler fishing program. We managed to get to the park without the help of my GPS (not for lack of trying to use it but for some reason…it wouldn’t get signal…annoyingness…it did prove to me that I know my way around here better than I think I do because I got to the park no problem). When we got there, I found out that the program was actually a fishing program…where the kids were going fishing (I thought they were just learning about fish…usually it’s a learning program…not a doing program), which was a pleasant surprise.

After playing on the playground a bit (which really was just Iain climbing the stairs of the jungle gym and then freezing and asking for help…and shaking…and climbing back down the stairs…really sad!)…we all went down to the dock and started fishing. It was the good kind of kid fishing…you could see the little tiny fish…just dropped the hook with the worm on it down…and caught a fish pretty much every time (at least we did…some kids didn’t have such good luck). Iain was the first one to catch a fish, which was cute. He caught 7 baby fish total…5 (what I call) sunnies (I guess they were bluegills and crappies…whatever)…and 2 little tiny large mouth bass. Pretty cute. The instructor took pictures…which I might get from her. Iain threw a few back himself…but some of them were a little too “silly” (aka…flipped out of his hands when he went to take it from the volunteer and landed on the dock).

It was not only the best kind of kid fishing…it was the best kind of me fishing, too. There were two volunteers that baited the hooks and took the fish off…so I didn’t have to touch any of the icky stuff. I don’t touch that stuff…that’s my dad’s job 🙂 We had great fun. Fished for less than 20 minutes…so 7 baby fish is pretty good.

Then we went back up to the playground (after washing our hands because…he touched icky fish) and Iain played with another little boy (always great fun to watch). Then they had snack…got a “Certificate of Achievement In Recognition of Distinguished Achievement in Lake Metroparks Fishing Adventure at Veterans Park”…and a BIG fish poster with all kinds of fish and information and such. Very cute program…and totally not what I was expecting…it was WAY better 🙂

I didn’t take any pictures (which is why I’m hoping to get the ones the instructor took…she’s texting them so…we shall see) because I was busy helping Iain fish…and there was really no safe way to take the pictures. I’m sure Jim and I will be taking him fishing again, though…and then there will be two of us…so we’ll definitely get pictures. Too much fun!

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