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Also known as his pre kindergarten appt. I got the papers I need to register him for kindergarten and everything…I feel so on top of things (not a common thing for me!). His appt. went well…he’s in the 22% for height (yeah…he’s still a little guy) and 75% for weight (which the doctor was shocked by…I wasn’t…try to pick him up! He’s deceptively HEAVY! no…he’s not fat or anything…but somehow…he’s still HEAVY). He’s 41.5″ tall and 43.5 lbs. (I think). He had his first hearing test (unless you count that one they do at birth…which I don’t)…and he thought it was such a fun game! And he had his vision checked, which is pretty cute…with the shapes instead of letters (though he could have done the letters, too). They did a “game” to test his depth perception, too…which he thought was just great…he got to wear really coooool glasses for that game. He got all the questions they asked him correct (they were EXTREMELY easy…count, colors, shapes…so…yeah…and he got to write his name on his paper seat, which was “cool”). Everything was a fun game…till we got to the shots. Luckily…they do the flu mist vac so that was easy…but he still needed 2 shots…he was laughing and laughing while they were prepping ’cause he’s very ticklish…and the second the first needle went in…he just started WAILING! It surprised me…’cause he was laughing so much…the change was just awful…and I will admit…I started crying a little…can’t stand to see him hurt even for a good reason. But it was over fast…and then he got to pick 2 stickers. So…it was all worthwhile. AND…now he’s all set to start kindergarten next year, which he’s SUPER excited about.


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3 year appointment

I was a slacker last year in getting Iain a doctor’s appt…so this year we had to wait a month, too…but that’s ok. Iain was REALLY good at the doctor’s…the ENTIRE time! It’s been a year since he’s been…since he never gets sick…other than the sniffles and we don’t go to the doctor’s for sniffles or colds or whatever…unless the fever is a big deal…we don’t go…and we’ve been lucky this year. I didn’t tell Iain where we were going till we got in the car…because I didn’t know what his reaction to going to the doctor’s would be. I told him in the car and he said “YAY!!!!!! DOCTORS!!!!” Ok…so not my reaction…haha…and he obviously doesn’t remember last year. Last year he SCREAMED the entire time…from the second we got into the exam room…till we got to the car. It wasn’t even directly shot related (shots weren’t mentioned)…he just remembered his 18 month appt…so…he didn’t want to be there. This year…since it’s been a while…he didn’t remember anything. PLUS…it helps that he didn’t have to get any shots…but like I said…he started crying last time before shots were even mentioned. There are two optional shots he could get…pneumonia and flu…but his doctor says he could just wait till next year since he doesn’t go to daycare or anything. I’m thinking of waiting and just having Jim get those shots, instead…since he’s the one going out into the world. Not that Iain and I don’t…we go to programs and such…to the library and various other places…so…it’s still something I’m considering…but we wouldn’t have gotten them today, anyway…we’ll go to the health department for that.

Anyway…Iain hasn’t grown TOO much this past year…used to the HUGE changes in numbers every 6 months but it’s completely normal and good! He’s 36.5″ tall (yay for barely making 3′ – he grew 2.5 inches in the past year)…and 34.5 lbs (gained about 5 lbs in the past year) and his head is 53cm (only grew 1cm…yay for finally slowing down!)…that puts him in the 20th percentile for height, 75th for weight and his head is STILL “off the charts”…haha. The doctor says that his height and weight are great…he’s not fat/overweight…he’s stocky/muscular…and that’s great 🙂 Not that I was concerned…he’s always been…as we call it “sturdy”…it’s not like he’s built like he was at 6 months when he was all roll-y and such…he was fat then…he’s just a strong, sturdy kid now 🙂 You can see his ribs and all that stuff…he’s just “big boned”…haha…and muscular. Yay for the doctor agreeing. Iain “gained a good amount of weight”…and didn’t grow too much taller…but that’s ok…’cause he’s still on the chart…so it’s ok. I knew he was on the “short” side…’cause he is shorter than almost all the boys his age at the library and everywhere else we go. (But he doesn’t seem little/short to me…he seems HUGE to me!) It also explains why everyone who picks him up says “he’s heavier than he looks!!!” Yeah…he is! He is HEAVY!!! Especially considering his height. It was pretty cute…they didn’t use the baby scale…’cause he’s a big boy now…he got to use the ACTUAL scale…so it’s way more likely that these numbers are accurate. Keeping him still a year ago on that table…was impossible…especially with all the SCREAMING!!! This year was easy. 3 is SOOOOOOOOO much better than 2!!! He’s such a big little man…I’m so proud of him!!! !!! !!!

He’s doing GREAT! I loved being able to go in saying he went through HMG and through the evals and is above where he should be. The doctor liked it, too. Was particularly nice because the only word Iain would say to him was “yeah”…if he wanted to say anything else…he whispered it to me. Trust me…he talks non-stop at home!! He doesn’t particularly like talking to strangers…but I’m ok with that…’cause he’s not supposed to talk to strangers.

Now…I have to make a dental appointment for Iain…which means I have to find a pediatric dentist that takes our insurance (the ones Jim and his parents recommend…don’t). Fun. Iain particularly needs one because he has a slight under-bite (his bottom front 2 teeth are in front of his top ones)…I wonder how many people notice? I notice…all the time…but not as something bad…not like they stick out a lot or anything or even are terribly noticeable…they are just in front. They’ve been like that since they came in. Nothing I’m terribly concerned about but obviously something to have looked at. AND…one of his lower incisors never came in…which is something we have to have looked at, too. He was really good about having his teeth/mouth looked at today…thought it was HILARIOUS, actually…so…hopefully he’ll be just as good at the dentist.

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Forgot to Mentions

I forgot to mention that I also asked Iain’s doctor about his throwing up…he’s still doing it…once a day…all different times a day but once a day…and I can’t figure out why. It’s not milk…like we thought it might be…because it’s still going. Anyway…dr. said not to worry…to keep an eye on it and if it persists…to come back. Well…it’s been going on for 2 weeks now…it’s all good for him to say not to worry…I’m not worried really…just disgusted and a little tired of cleaning up puke! It’s a LOT!!!

Also asked about the tooth he’s missing. He never got one of his canines and doesn’t even have a space for it…no sign of it ever coming in. He was more concerned about that than I was…and more concerned about it than the throwing up…I just mentioned it as a thing…not a concern. But…in the end…I’m just supposed to keep an eye on it and if anything weird happens…take him to the dentist…otherwise…just mention it when we take him to the dentist at 3. I just hope it doesn’t come in…and he just doesn’t have that tooth…’cause if it comes in…there will be issues and issues aren’t fun.

I’m sure there’s more…but that’s all I’m thinking of right now.

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We went to Iain’s 2 year appointment today…finally. Better late than never 🙂 He was very good…much better than last time. He did scream on the way to the measuring table…being naked except for his undies is not one of his favorites…he insists on being fully clothed at all times nowadays (and he didn’t like that we had to leave his clothes in the other room, either!) AND he had to leave the Garfield book behind that we were looking at…he wasn’t too pleased with that one…and he had to lie down on a table…all evil, I guess. I was forced to go around the corner while they measured him so he couldn’t see me because he kept trying to jump to me from the table…not helpful. Made me tear up hearing him cry and not being able to even see him!

Anyway…they measured him but even they said the numbers wouldn’t be too accurate because they couldn’t get him to stay still at all! Haha. At least I’m not the only one. Well…his measurements are 34″ tall (up from 32.5″ at 18 months) and 29lb 1oz (up from 28lb 5oz) and his head is 52cm (up from 50.25cm). It’s probably pretty accurate because those numbers put him at “average,” which he probably is…he’s not abnormally tall or fat for his age (he used to be chunky but…not anymore 🙂 ) and his head is still abnormally large (we had a different doctor today so…once again we got to go through the whole…”yes…his head has always been huge (pretty much) and he got a sonogram at 6 months”…then the doctor had to check back with his records just to make sure. Haha. Yes…Iain has a HUGE head…which looks even bigger because he’s “average” sized. Ah well…poor little big-headed little man.

I went through and answered the twenty billion questions…does he copy you if you say two word sentences…”no”…does he point to things and call them by their name…”no” (can’t they just ask if he speaks English?…that would make it so I wouldn’t have to answer ALLLLLL of the questions about communication…yes…he can communicate…but not by speaking English).

Ok…so…he didn’t score too well in the “communication” section because by two they expect them to communicate with English and…well…he doesn’t really do that. BUT…I could answer “yes” to everything else…all his social skills are where they should be or better…his motor skills, same thing…his fine motor skills…etc…etc…etc. So…he’s doing FANTASTIC for his age…just needs to start speaking ENGLISH! Haha.

The doctor asked (in his list of 20 million questions)…if Iain talks to me…and I simply said “no”. He was SHOCKED! but…I think that’s because of how I said it…like it doesn’t matter BUT…it doesn’t BECAUSE…”but we are working with Help Me Grow”…ah…relief. Haha. The doctor was very pleased…I said that when he couldn’t talk at 2 we decided it was a good thing to do. He said…”that’s great…because that’s exactly what I was going to recommend”…yay for thinking ahead (that’s why I changed his dr. appt. (it was supposed to be last Tuesday)..I wanted to meet with HMG BEFORE the dr. appt. so I could tell him what’s up. He was very glad Iain automatically qualified and that we were doing something about it. He was happy and no longer concerned. Yay!

I know…I don’t answer questions all that well…but…I was ready for the “can he talk” question…and was completely ok with saying “no” (had to be ok with it…because Iain gets a LOT of strange looks and people being “concerned” about him…just ’cause he doesn’t speak English or because they can’t understand him…stupid people) and so I did. His doctor doesn’t want to hear that he can say “what’s this” and says some other random things every once in a while (for which I am VERY proud of him for…but after reading through the worksheets…that’s not what they’re looking for at 2…haha…he’s still the awesomest kid EVER!!)…as long as he’s babbling (not sitting around mute) and we’re taking care of it with HMG…it’s all good. And HMG and Prime Health (his dr.) share info so he’ll be kept informed.

On the other hand…the doctor was completely impressed and surprised that Iain’s potty trained…”most people are just starting now!…how’d you do it?”…and this is what I said…”ummm…I put him in underwear and showed him what to do…and…well…HE’S AWESOME! and such a good little boy :-)” Haha. I like my answer…it’s nothing I did…he’s just awesome 😀

Anyway…he got 3 shots (H1N1 and two others) and a flu mist (nasal spray flu vaccine…cool). He wasn’t too happy but it wasn’t as bad as last time. He got the shots…SCREAMED till I gave him a sticker and then he was ok. Last time…NOTHING would stop his screaming. On the way home…we stopped at Burger King as a treat ’cause he was really very good. Just let the doctor examine him without any tears 🙂 He LOVES chicken nuggets.

We don’t have to go back for a well visit till he’s three…AWESOME!!

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Iain had his appt. this morning and it went really well. At first…I didn’t think it did but after realizing that I really shouldn’t care about “milestones” it went really well 🙂

Iain is now 28 lbs 5 ozs and 32.5″ tall (so they guess). I don’t understand how he’s only 32.5″…when I measured him last week he was 33.5″ AND if he was 32.5″ that would mean he only grew .5″ since 15 months and wouldn’t account for his growing out of all of his clothes (shirts and pants in length) so I don’t know how accurate that one is. It’s not like we could get him to stay still on the scale to measure his height…he was screaming and flailing around…I don’t think it’s as accurate as our home measurement where I marked it off on the wall and measured it that way…no screaming or flailing…haha. Anyway…if you go by their measurements…he’s 60% for height and 80% for weight. If you go by our height measurement…he’s 80% for that, too. I don’t know…doesn’t really matter…he is what he is 🙂

They asked TONS of questions…some kind of silly like…”if you put a cheerio in a cup will he dump the cup to get the cheerio?” Ok…how would I know this? We don’t put cheerios in cups to see how he’ll get it. Do people do this? Other things like…”can he stack 2 or 3 objects” well…of course he can and sometimes does but he doesn’t sit there stacking things all the time…that would be weird. He’d much rather throw them around or line them up in neat little rows or group them according to color or something. They ask very odd questions. “Can he go up and down stairs?” I thought this meant can he WALK up and down stairs like…upright and…he can walk UP stairs upright without help but he’s not allowed to walk down stairs without help because I don’t want him falling. Turns out…it was just asking if he could climb up stairs and down…like even scooting down stairs counts. Seriously? He’s been doing that for ages!

That’s the thing…they ask tons of things that he’s been doing for ages and tons of other things I didn’t know he was supposed to be able to do because he’s not doing them and that’s ok. There are things he won’t do…but that’s just what it is…he won’t do them. It’s not that he can’t…that’s a completely different thing. For instance…can he use a fork and spoon…….yes. Does he…no. Not unless I make him (aka…hold the spoon in his hand and physically make him)…otherwise he throws it and uses his hands. We try and show him that it’s good to use utensils by making it seem like fun when we use them…haha…but all he does is show us that it’s more fun and quicker to use your hands. Hard to explain but…that’s just how he is. I know he can use them by himself…because I’ve caught him doing it…but the second he sees me…he throws it on the floor. Lovely.

Another slightly odd question…”if something is out of his reach will he use a stick or something to get it”. I don’t understand this question. The only things that are “out of his reach” are things too high for him to get…things on the mantle…yep…the mantle is the only surface left in our living room that he can’t reach…ah. Seemed to happen over night (another reason I’m not inclined to believe the 32.5″). Anyway…if he wants something on the mantle…he’s not going to go get a stick to reach it…right? Isn’t that a stupid thing to do? But I have a feeling he’s supposed to use a stick to get things out of his reach. If he wants something he can’t reach…he looks at me with his oh-so-adorable “I want that” face and says “please.” Why does he need a stick? As for things on the floor…if something is under the furniture that he wants…he figures out how to wiggle his way under the furniture to get it or…does the “please” thing. What’s with the stick??

They also ask if he tries to help put his clothes on. Yep…he does. He loves to put his socks on and he tries to put his shoes on but they are tough even for me. He can put his shirt on by himself…once I get it over his big huge head that is. He tries…but always gets it stuck. Haha. That’s a tough one for me let alone him. But once it’s over his head…he can do the rest. He can put his coat on all by himself and thinks it’s hilarious 🙂 We are still working on pants and underwear…that’s a little more difficult ’cause of the whole standing on one leg thing.

They also ask other things like…does he mimic actions (yay for pretend shaving and copying mom exercising and and and…he LOVES to mimic actions!)…does he say 2 words together and such. I don’t honestly know what else was on the sheet ’cause Jim had to fill it out while I took Iain potty and such.

Let’s see…what else. He’s doing well “for a boy” with his vocabulary…so that’s good. He used to have more words than he does now (completely normal to lose some words) but…now…on a consistent basis…he has about 8 words not including mom and dada (they don’t count those words anymore…haha…they are assumed by his age). He says…please (actually PLEASE now instead of pease 🙂 ), finished (inished), hi, bye, this, that, yes, no and sometimes he says night dada (but not consistently…usually it’s ni dada). It’s funny to think those are the only words he says…’cause he talks so much…and I understand him so much…that I keep thinking he says more than that. But that’s it. It’s funny how much of their language you start to understand…haha. I guess boys are only “supposed” to say between 6 and 15 words by 18 months so…he’s in that range so…it’s all good.

He got an A+ for not using bottles anymore (he hasn’t since he was 15 months but I guess that’s a difficult thing for some people) and an A+++++++ for being potty trained 🙂 (Well…technically…Jim and I got the grades…but I give the credit to Iain.) Had to strip him down to just his “diaper” and he was running around in the hall in his undies because he doesn’t scream as much while we’re waiting if he’s in the hall rather than the exam room and this mother with a 3 year old was like “is that REAL underwear?” and I said “yes” (it’s not really a big deal to me anymore…though I am proud of him still!) and she turned to her kid and was like “see…he’s in big kid underwear” (her son was running around in a diaper)…we all laughed about it…just kind of funny how different kids are. The nurses were all impressed. I am impressed, too 🙂 Not with myself…I didn’t do it…he did. All I did was have the time to do it by being home. That’s the thing…so many parents hear that Iain’s potty trained (it was a big deal at the doctor’s today) and think they need to get on it but…we seriously couldn’t have done it if I worked! Not at his age. And…like I said…I didn’t do it…he did. He hates wearing a diaper now…he runs away from me when I try to put one on him for nap/bedtime. (It was nice not having to take the potty training information that they give out at the 18 month appt.)

Things to watch are the following…he won’t point to his eyes, mouth, nose when prompted. He used to point to mine but doesn’t anymore. He won’t point to things in books when you ask him to. He won’t point to things period! when asked to. The problem with all these comes down to…he won’t point to things when asked to…hello! He’s stubborn!! Beyond stubborn!!! (even his ped. figured this one out and he only sees him every 3 months for like 30 minutes at the most.) I seriously can’t put into words how stubborn this kid is. And I should know…I’m the queen o’ stubbornness…haha. He must be the prince o’ stubbornness…he still has a ways to go before he’s as stubborn as I am 🙂 He doesn’t do things he 1) doesn’t want to do OR 2) sees no reason to do. BUT…if you ask him where’s the kitty…he’ll run and tackle the kitty (way more fun than pointing!)…if you ask him to bring you a ball…or a book…or a car (toy car)…or his cup…he’ll bring the correct thing. Why does he need to point to them when he can bring them. He’ll do the same thing if you’re looking through a book and ask him where the kitty is…rather than pointing to the picture of the kitty…he’ll run and tackle the kitty…haha.

Ok…now…I like Iain’s doctor…I love that he was EXTREMELY happy that Iain’s potty trained (some think he’s too young)…I love that he’s ok with Iain being rear-facing and I don’t have to hear about that. I love that he spends the time with us. I love most of what he says BUT…he asked if Iain likes to eat (assuming the answer would be “yes”…’cause of his weight) and…no…he honestly doesn’t like to eat. He is extremely fussy. He’ll eat chicken, carrots, sometimes peas, sometimes cheese, all kinds of fruit, pasta with tomato sauce and bread. Sometimes he’ll eat steak. But…he really doesn’t eat too much…some fruit for breakfast…some veggies and cheese for lunch…and chicken with veggies for dinner. Maybe half a piece of bread for a snack sometimes if we’ve done a lot of running around but…he really just has 3 small meals…no snacks. That’s it. He doesn’t like to take time out to eat…and he’s really fussy and…he’s just not a big eater. I don’t know where his weight comes from…haha. If he can’t tell what something is by looking at it…he won’t eat it. That’s just a fact. I’m ok with it. Makes it pretty easy to make meals for him. We try to give him other things…we make casseroles and such…and I always try to get him to eat new things but…he won’t. He picks a few things out and then pushes his plate away. I’m used to it by now…and I’m ok with it. It does get a little annoying when I make something assuming he’ll eat it…and then he doesn’t.

Anyway…point being…I told Iain’s doctor how I offer him what we are eating and if he doesn’t want it (extremely common)…I’ll give him his chicken and veggies. Well…his ped. said not to do that…if he doesn’t want to eat what you’re eating then don’t give him anything. This is the first thing that his ped. said that I’m NOT going to listen to. I’ve decided to compromise (compromises are great). I will give him a little chicken…a little veggies (ones I know he’ll eat)…with a little of what we are eating…and what he eats he eats. I’m not starving him…nor putting him to bed with no dinner (’cause he wouldn’t go to sleep like that anyway)…just ’cause he won’t eat what Jim and I are eating. He’s too little to understand the…”I will put you to bed with no dinner if you don’t eat the dinner I give you”…thing. I think this is just wrong. I don’t think you should punish an 18 month old for not wanting to eat what you put in front of him. It’s not like he’s doing it maliciously…nor does he only want to eat cake and ice cream. He likes to eat healthy, nutritious things and I will continue to give him what he likes to eat. It’s not like he’s 4…putting his foot down and saying “I’m not eating my veggies!”…he’s 18 months and saying…”I don’t know what that is but I’m not eating it.” He doesn’t angrily throw his plate at me and say…”give me what I want to eat woman!”…he just quietly pushes his plate away from him to let me know he’s done. That’s it. He’s great when we go out to eat. Sits there like a little gent and just watches the people and talks to everyone. He doesn’t throw food around or yell or need to be running around (oddly enough…haha). He’s great!…why ruin it by making food a punishment?

Anyway…I’m having issues with this because I don’t mind that he’s fussy but…the doctor seems to think it’s a good thing to “discipline” him with (his words…not mine). We do plenty of disciplining around here for important things (yay for time outs!)…I don’t exactly let him do whatever he wants but I’m not using food or starvation as a means of discipline. The end!

I am wondering, though, looking back…where were the questions like “can he leap off furniture?”…”does he ‘talk’ non-stop?”…”does he love to dance”…”can he make a cranky old lady smile and laugh just by smiling at her…for no reason at all…other than he loves all people?” Where are the questions about how much he understands? Where are the questions like…”if he’s across the room with something he shouldn’t have…will he run to you…completely unprompted…just to give it to you with a HUGE smile on his face ’cause he’s just so proud of himself for knowing he shouldn’t have it?” Where are the questions like…”will he stop playing just to run over to you…give you a huge smile…a big hug and a kiss?” Where are the questions about his amazing personality that is seriously unlike any I have ever seen?! Stupid doctor questions. They will never know what they are missing……

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I forgot to mention this…I guess it was “announced” a little while ago but I just found out this week.

“Lake Hospital System has named pediatrician J. Donald Lucker of LakeEast Hospital in Painesville and anesthesiologist John J. Scerbo physicians of the year for 2008.”

Pretty cool…’cause Dr. Lucker is Iain’s pediatrician 🙂

Besides that pretty cool news…I have finally made Iain’s 18 month appt…about time…since he turns 18 months a week from tomorrow. He can’t have an appt. before Apr. 30th, though, hence my ability to procrastinate…because that’s three months from his last appt. and with shots and such…anyway…so his appt. is May 1st at 9am. Why didn’t I learn from last time not to make his appt. on Friday right before storytime? Ah…stupidness. I am debating whether or not to call and change the appt. to a different day/time but for now…that’s where it stands.

Now…my job is to make an appt. for me to go to the doctors. Might not sound like a big deal but I haven’t been in over a year (not bad for me) and I hate going to doctors…except Dr. Perkes and he’s all the way in NY and not a GP…haha. You’d think I’d be used to it after being pregnant but…I’m not. I hate that doctors never listen and it kind of makes me see going to them…as completely pointless. I still hate it but…I know it’s necessary so…I searched on our insurance company’s website and found a family practice that’s close by and such…walking distance equals wonderful. I figured (while talking to my mom…she walked me through all this because I so wouldn’t do it on my own…even though I know I should) that family practice is good…mostly ’cause I had to make a decision and that’s the one I made. They are on lunch till 1:15 though so I’m killing time till then. I think after the first time…it’ll be easier. It’s just annoying ’cause I have to have all my records sent to the new place and such, which is just plain annoying.

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15 month appt.

Today, we woke up early (for us…I woke up at 7:30 and woke Iain up at 7:45 – an hour early) and went to Iain’s 15 month appt. It was horrible…as it was last time. Screaming from start to finish. I seriously wish they’d let us wait in the waiting room longer rather than hurrying us into the exam room to wait…because Iain loves the waiting room with all the toys…and HATES the exam room…because of the memories of shots. He clung to me and screamed when I went to put him down on the exam table to undress him…and clung to me when I tried to put him on the weighing table so the nurse said to step away from the table so he wouldn’t do that…but then he just stood on the table and she was like…”ee…you can’t do that either” and tried to get him to lie down (yeah right!) so…anyway…she quickly got semi-accurate measurements…kind of hard to measure the length of a kid who won’t stay still and is screaming. Anyway…I had put down on my webpage that Iain was 29.75″ at 12 months…which was inaccurate, which I realized when I looked in his baby book from the ped…don’t know where I got that from. He was 30.75″ at 12 months and 25 lb 13 oz (that I had down right) and his head was 50 cm. Now…almost exactly 3 months later…he is 32″ tall (72nd percentile) and 27 lbs 3 oz (81st percentile). Not bad! Oh…and his head is 50.5cm (off the charts!).

I was quite happy with his head measurement but his ped. is like…wow…his head’s still growing!…because he looked at the chart and Iain’s head completely and totally surpasses anything on the chart! it seriously does…it’s funny…but I pointed out that it only grew .5 cm in 3 months whereas last time it grew 1.5cm in 3 months so…it’s slowing down…haha. I’m just glad it’s slowing down or he’d have one majorly HUGE head!

The ped. asked TONS of questions…like what’s he saying and…I guess Iain’s doing “really well for a boy” in that aspect…I always find it funny how they are always sure to add that “for a boy” comment. It’s more than obvious when we go to story time, though…how different boys develop from girls…girls say WAYYYYYYY more actual words. I can’t say they talk more…’cause Iain’s quite the “talker” but he jabbers more than talks…but Iain could run circles around those tiny little girls any day 🙂

We mentioned how Iain “talks” on the phone and the ped. said…”oh great!” and checked another box on his sheet and said…”then he plays pretend”…who knew that was something he should be doing?! Cool.

He said Iain’s “VERY strong”…haha…we already knew that but…his ped. found this out first hand as it took all 3 of us (the ped., Jim and I) to hold Iain down just so he could look in Iain’s ears…and it was still pretty much impossible. He gave up on checking his knee reflexes…haha. Yes…Iain is REALLY strong…people are always surprised at what he can carry and what he can do…haha.

Let’s see…what else…oh…the doc. asked if Iain could crouch and pick something up…like…while standing and I found this question quite silly…because Iain’s been doing that since he was 10 months old…before he could even walk. He doesn’t have chunky thighs…they are muscle thighs…haha.

The ped. asked if Iain has started to use utensils to eat…and I told him we are trying. I give them to him every meal…and show him how to use them (from behind…not in front of him) and he’ll try to use them…stab at his food…but if it doesn’t work the first time…he throws them on the floor and eats with his hands…quicker…and easier. Or…he holds them out to me so I can put food on them…and he can eat it off. We are continuing to work on that one, though, and his ped. said he should be able to by 18 months. Hopefully we can make that “deadline” like we did the bottles. It was sooooo nice to be able to say…yes…we’ve kicked that habit!

He also asked if Iain was still taking 2 naps (more like…assumed he was) and when I said no…he was shocked. Iain doesn’t take 2 naps anymore. He takes 1 3-4 hour nap and then sleeps through the night. He sleeps through the night much easier this way than he did when he was taking 2 naps. Luckily…his ped. said as long as he’s getting enough sleep and sleeps well for us at night and everything…it’s ok if he only takes 1 long nap (which is good…’cause I ain’t changin’ his schedule!). He sleeps from 11:30-2:30/3:30 or 12:30-3:30/4:30 then goes to bed at 9:30 and wakes up anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30am. We had some off days due to teething but that’s his norm for now.

I guess it’s odd that Iain’s 1st year molars are nowhere in sight (or feel) but I’m not worried about it. They’ll come when they come just like the rest of his teeth. Nothing has been “normal” in that area.

He asked to see Iain walk…so we went out into the hall and put Iain down…his ped. just wanted to see him walk from me to Jim…but Iain just kept going…really fast…right past Jim…like…”I’m outta here guys!!” trying to get as far away from the exam room as possible. Haha. Was funny ’cause he only had his diaper on…speeding past all the nurses and such…everyone thought he was adorable (’cause he is). The ped. expected him to still be wobbley? Okaayy…he hasn’t been wobbley since he started walking (really walking) at 12 months…he started walking at 11 but was completely not wobbley by 12 and has been running since 13 months. Yet the ped. was shocked he was running at all. I thought that was normal for his age. Guess he’s doing REALLY well physically. Said Iain’s VERY sturdy and has great muscle tone and leg strength. That’s what everyone’s surprised by when they hold him or whatever. A bunch of the mom’s at the library story time…when they hold him or whatever (’cause Iain climbs/leans all over everyone)…they always say how “solid/sturdy” he is…he’s built more like a kid than a toddler…give me a break…he was been built more like a kid than an infant…haha…he’s almost always been a big kid (forget about the preemie thing…that lasted a couple months). I kind of forget how sturdy he is until he’s around all the other tiny/thin toddlers. He’s a strong and sturdy boy…people (in stores and such) always call him a fat little baby…still (compliment I guess????) but 1)…he’s not a baby! and 2) he’s never been fat! He’s got a poofy jacket…come on people! Do you want me to assume you are shaped like YOUR clothes? People are stupid. He’s had some chunky periods during growth spurts but…he’s muscular like his ped. said 🙂 Was nice to hear that for a change 🙂

Anyway…he got 2 shots…the second part of his flu one (seems silly…we are pretty much out of flu season aren’t we? but…he’ll only have to get one next year so…that’s good) and his first Hepatitis A. Honestly…there was so much screaming before that point…I didn’t really notice him get the shots…he just kept screaming like he had been. He screamed till Jim let him walk to the checkout area and then he watched the people and was happy. Looonnnggg morning. And it’s going to be a long day…he’s always cranky after getting shots.

Then…it was off to library story time…we ended up being 10 minutes late (silly…’cause it’s only 20 minutes long…but that’s what happens when you schedule a dr. appt. for 9am and his storytime’s at 10…but I soooo wasn’t missing our outing this week!)…people are always late anyway…we all mostly just come for after story time when we get to let the kids run around and play with each other and we all get to talk and watch them play (storytime’s good and all but the kids never want to sit down for it so…it ends up being a mad house anyway). Jim was great and let us stay for a while even though he had to get back to get ready for work and such 🙂 At first, Iain didn’t know how he liked being there after the ordeal he went through at the doctor’s but…after a few he was his normal, gabby, running self 🙂 They had tennis balls there…tons of them…but of course…all the kids wanted the same two. Iain loves tennis balls (I don’t want them in our house but elsewhere is fine…haha…tennis balls + tv = EEKKK)…he loves to drop them and watch them bounce. Anyway…so…it was a great but long morning.

Oh…and it’s snowing again…because the last snow fall of 6+ inches…just wasn’t enough………..I can’t wait till SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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