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New Computer!!!

We got a new computer!!! It’s super exciting because our poor little old Mac mini is 7-8 years old and it is just painfully slow. It does need to be reformatted but…I had no way of getting anything off of it to reformat it and…even reformatted…it wasn’t compatible with ANYTHING. We will be reformatting the Mac and we will still be using it for some things but…we NEEDED a new computer (it shouldn’t take me 5 minutes to update the price of an item in my Etsy store just because the computer has to “think” way too much!). Anyway…so I am using our new one! Took a matter of seconds to update multiple listings in my shop…which is fantastic! Who wants to waste time updating listings when you could be getting ACTUAL things done.

It’s going to take some getting used to. For one thing…it’s Windows 8…and we haven’t had a Windows computer in AGES (like…over a decade). And…Windows 8 is weird (different than the previous Windows I have used). What’s extremely nice…all of our devices are actually compatible with this computer!!! Even our iPods weren’t compatible with our Mac mini (which is just sad Apple…considering they’re compatible with Windows 98…just saying).

Anyway…spending some time today getting used to the computer. I will need to new version of Photoshop as I only have Mac software…but it’s not like we were up to date though…I’m using Photoshop 7 (of course…it does everything I need it to do so…). Quite am extreme difference going from 1GB RAM to 8GB RAM. All in all…really nice computer so far…

I thought I’d share a photo of Iain from Easter…since I haven’t gotten around to uploading them anywhere! We had a great day…Easter eggs hunts and family time 🙂 He was hunting for dinosaur eggs and LOVED IT!!!



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And I’m Off!

I can officially…legally drive again! I went to renew my license last week but…due to the stupid BMV licensing system being down…and a couple other hiccups…my license expired after Sunday. After just a few days of not being able to drive…I’m ECSTATIC to have my license again. It’s really something I take for granted but…when Jim had to get off work to drop Iain and I off at karate last night…let’s just say…I wasn’t too happy to NOT have my license.

Anyway…after a week of crap from the BMV (both OH and NY…blah…I seriously thought I was done with the NY DMV but…alas…not so lucky)…Jim took me to the BMV on his lunch today and…after waiting around an hour for their extremely SLOW system to work…I have my new driver’s license…and can legally drive. Woo-hoo! AND…I didn’t have to pay a late fee, which I assumed I would have to pay.

So…now I have my new license…with a picture I actually really like. My last one was taken July 2008…I was over 50 pounds heavier…my hair looked like crap (I had literally rolled out of bed after not sleeping at all)…and I felt like crap and it totally showed in my pissed off expression in the picture…hated it…and hated the reminder of how crappy I felt. AND…I didn’t really like presenting that as my ID…as it looked nothing like me now. I’m not one to compliment myself but…I seriously look WAY younger in my new license photo than my old one. The woman helping me at the BMV actually said “you look like…10 years younger!”…and I actually agree. Happy 30th birthday to me…I look younger than I did 4 years ago 🙂 ANYWAY…so that’s all taken care of…I don’t have to ever see that picture of me…ever again!!…and I can officially and LEGALLY drive. YAY!!!!

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Chain of Events

Yesterday morning, I went to get Iain a cup of milk and found that the new gallon jug was leaking in the fridge so…I poured most of the gallon (all that would fit) into a plastic pitcher. The jug wasn’t leaking anymore (must have had a leak near the top or something) so I left the little that didn’t fit in the pitcher in the jug…in front of the pitcher in the fridge so it would be used up first. Iain thought it was awesome that “his milk” was in a new container with an orange top…should have been my first hint that. . .

Iain is under the impression that “anything you can do…I can do too!” even though he’s 3. Sure…he’s a strong little man…and is pretty independent…but there are still things he can’t do…whether it’s because he’s too little…or just shouldn’t do whatever. He’s gone to the fridge enough times to get his own milk…to know he’s not supposed to. To know he’s supposed to ask for help (he’s supposed to ask. PERIOD. Because he can’t have milk nearly as often as he’d like…he’d seriously drink it 24-7). He’s dropped enough gallons of milk (yay for gallon jugs because STRONG!)…he’s been “punished” enough times to know…DON’T!

Last night, when we got home from having dinner with Jim’s parents, Jim and I sat down to watch an episode of Parking Wars when we heard a big BANG! and some other weird sounds…and Iain SCREAMING and CRYING from the kitchen. First thought…he tried to get something out of the fridge and a glass bottle shattered and… basically…tons of sinarios in which Iain got hurt ran through my mind so when I got to the kitchen and saw he was ok…YAY…and then I saw all this white stuff on the floor…the broken plastic pitcher…and the gallon jug on the floor…and it clicked. I grabbed the closest towel…put it on the floor…and…yeah…that little hand towel never looked so small as the huge RIVER flowed under our fridge. Jim ran and got big towels…and we cleaned up what was not behind the fridge…then moved the fridge to find a big lake of milk under it. Jim went downstairs to get milgo to clean it properly as I mopped it up with towels…and that’s when Jim found it raining milk in the basement…flowing down a florescent light fixture…and all over the floor. Let’s just say…not so happy words came up from the basement. . . Turns out…the crack between the kitchen tile and the wall behind the fridge…goes straight to the basement…and the milk just went straight through the floor. Gosh. Why couldn’t it have been water??

Well…after way too much work…it’s all cleaned up…all milgo-ed…the wood piece that was in the threshold between the kitchen and dining room (something we’d been planning on replacing but definitely not right now) has been ripped up because milk ran under it and there was no way to clean under it. We flushed water and milgo down the crack in the floor…cleaned the light fixture as best we could (we will be replacing it when we get back from NY) and all is well.

Hagrid LOVED the basement…”it’s raining milk!!”…seriously his dream come true…which just lead to more work keeping him out of the basement…while going back and forth (because, though he likes milk, he pukes if he has the slightest bit)…Chewy just wanted to get behind the fridge because there’s no wall back there…it just goes straight under the stairs and he could get into the walls and explore…Viking got to be in his crate for a bit…and Tika…well…she was just staying out of the way like a good little girl.

Iain felt HORRIBLE! He cried and cried…”I didn’t mean to!”…”I’m sorry…I’m sorry”…”It’s all my fault!”…in the saddest voice ever. He honestly felt horrible. I know he didn’t mean to do it but…that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get punished. He’s never done something like that…usually when he does something “wrong”…it’s on purpose…that makes it a lot easier for me to “punish” him. Like…if he yells at me…throws things…throws a fit…purposely disobeys me…it’s easy to put him in time out…or whatever. BUT…at the same time…he knows perfectly well that he’s NOT supposed to get the milk out of the fridge and there was absolutely NO reason he should have even been touching that pitcher as there was milk in the gallon jug he had to move to get to the pitcher…so…even if he was going to do something he shouldn’t have been doing…it should have just been with the gallon jug…with a little in it…NOT the pitcher. Just saying. He just thought the full pitcher was “all awesome”. So…his punishment was time out (for much longer than usual…the entire time we were cleaning)…no milk for the rest of the night (which is quite the punishment)…an EXTREMELY good “talking to”…and anytime we are working on fixing the stuff that got ruined (the light in the basement…the piece that was ripped up in the kitchen/dining room) he gets time out, too…sitting in his chair with no toys…and no talking (otherwise…he just sits there happily talking to us about everything we are doing…and that’s not a punishment).

If only the milk jug hadn’t been leaking…if only I had a sturdier pitcher…if only I had towel close-by so I could have gotten the milk before it flowed under the fridge/down to the basement…if only Iain would listen when we say “ask for help”. . .

Often it is difficult to remember he is 3…he is really mature and well-behaved for his age…we often forget what’s “normal” for 3…so during times like these we really have to stop and remind ourselves…he’s 3. Not that that means he gets away with doing things he shouldn’t…it just means…he’s 3.

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New Washer Update!

We finally have a new washer! The delivery guys were supposed to be here between 11 and 3…they called around 11:15 to say it would be “between 12 and 3…maybe earlier…maybe like between 12 and 2…maybe earlier”…then they called at 2:30 and said they’d be here around 3:30…and they were here around 3:15. Not bad. I wasn’t stupid enough to plan anything for today…deliveries are never predictable. Guess they ran into quite a few problems today…don’t envy them on this way-too-hot day.

I am quite impressed by how easily they got the new washer in…it is MUCH lighter than our old washer, which the delivery guys called “the beast”. The old one was a little bigger (though less capacity than the new one!) and was much MUCH heavier! I have moved both now…and the new one feels like nothing. I really am impressed with how easily they got them up and down the basement stairs…and our house came out relatively unscathed. Two of the linoleum tiles in the back entry that were already cracked…broke completely, which is ok because we are replacing them anyway. Now…we have no choice. That happened getting the old one out…and I’m not too surprised. I’m just happy they took it away!!! And that all I had to do was get some doors. Nice.

I will post pictures of the new washer later. Right now…Iain and I are off to exercise in our 87 degree house. Well…at least we have fans…and it’s cooler than outside 🙂

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New Washer

Our washer broke about 2 months ago! Flooded across our basement…but Jim’s been so busy he didn’t have time to look at it to see what was wrong until this past week. Turns out that the seal on the bottom of the drum is leaking so…it would cost close to the price of a new one to get it serviced…a new one it is. If it was an easy fix…that’s one thing but…definitely not. Anyway…after doing a lot of research and looking through all the choices…we decided on a top loading Maytag (same brand as our old one)…

We looked at front loading but…I really don’t like them.

Anyway…Jim went to Lowe’s on Saturday to order it and it should be delivered on the 9th. Love Lowe’s…not only do they have free delivery and pickup (so they’ll take our old one away!!!)…they price match, too. I’m really excited as I am tired of doing laundry at Jim’s parents’…just a lot of wasted time…I’m used to throwing in a load and getting stuff done… Can’t wait till the new one arrives!!!

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