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Brown Belt Decided

Iain had his first Karate for Kids test this afternoon…tested for Brown Belt Decided (aka…Brown Belt w/ Black Stripe) and he did GREAT…even better than his Tiny Tiger tests where he had to follow the instructor to do his form. Now he has to memorize it and he does AWESOME. He moved up to Karate for Kids about two months ago…though it seems like just yesterday! He’s pretty small for the class (being 6 years old…and a small 6) but…he LOVES it and does so well. He also takes it pretty serious…

He is eagerly awaiting the day he earns his black belt…which will come way sooner that it seems it should. Each time he gets a new belt…he looks back at the line of belts hanging on the wall of his school…to count how many more he has till he gets to black belt.

He also just started the Leadership program…Merry Christmas to him! It’s definitely not inexpensive (what part of Taekwondo is??) but, like everything else about karate…it’s TOTALLY worth the price. He has 7 classes a week now…4 “normal” classes (though sometimes we cut it down to 3…with school and all) and 3 Leadership class (which are by far his favorites). He’s learning so much and getting so much better every day…and having WAY too much fun!


Let’s see…what else…when he went to his doctor’s appt. in November…he was 43″ tall (3.5′ tall) putting him in the 11th percentile for height. And he’s in the 50th percentile for weight. Both percentiles are down from his 5 year appt but…he doesn’t look short when he’s in his kindergarten class so…that’s good.

Kindergarten is going FANTASTIC! He loves it and is doing very well. The other day (Thursday, Dec. 12) he wrote a Letter to Rudolph for a school project…he had fun decided what to tell Rudolph. I had to help him spell a couple words like “voice”…ones you can’t really sound out…but he did VERY well writing the letter and had so much fun, too 🙂




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There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. There really isn’t. I’m not all that great at it…but when it’s absolutely necessary…I do it. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying your kid needs help. So many parents are busy trying to prove their child is “the best!” that they either consciously or unconsciously ignore the problem. Kids focus on different things…some will walk early…some will talk early…some will do both at a “normal” time…etc…etc…etc. BUT…just because they walk early doesn’t mean you ignore their speech just because they are concentrating on their motor skills AND vice versa! Just because your kid speaks well…doesn’t mean you should ignore their motor skills. Everything is important.

I think my least favorite thing…is when parents are delusional. I know what Iain can and can’t do…and I don’t pretend he can do things he can’t. That’s just stupid. Be proud of what your kid can do and if they need help with other things…ADMIT IT! Ok…I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a while…and it just annoys me. I wish more parents would ADMIT that their kid is perfect but needs help. Iain is absolutely 100% perfect 🙂 …but he still needs to learn to talk…haha.

We were lucky with Iain’s motor skills…they have always been above average (well…since he lifted his head…it look a long time for that one…3 months!…but he had a BIG head…and was quite lazy back then…haha). He took his first, unassisted steps at 11 (10) months and after that…there was no stopping him. There wasn’t really a time when he was wobbly…even when he was learning…there weren’t many falls…he’d take a few steps and sit down…or roll to his back…but that stopped after a week. He was a really quick learner and I’m thankful for that. I give him ALL the credit there.

Anyway…I’m filling out paperwork for Broadmoor School…and some of the questions are just difficult. “What do you think is the cause of your child’s mental retardation?” I, personally, find that question insulting, even though I’m trying not to. Iain isn’t mentally retarded in the common sense on the word. He is developing slower than he should be verbally…but that’s not the same thing. They ask if there has been a “diagnosis” but to me…there shouldn’t be one…he isn’t incapable of speaking…he will speak and there will be a time when we look back in amazement that he ever DIDN’T speak…haha…but for now…he needs help…WE need help…’cause I just don’t know how to get him to talk…when he’s perfectly capable of doing it. And then I think…now I’m doing the same thing I made fun of parents for doing…I don’t like the terms they use…so I’m getting turned off from the program. When really…all this stupid paperwork has little to do with the program…and more to do with the state requiring you to do something for the free services it provides.

Anyway…my real point is that…if I can admit that Iain has a “problem”…Iain…the most wonderfully sweet, adorable, bright kid…EVER. Others should be able to admit when their kid has a problem and get them the help they need. I’m not saying I’m perfect for getting Iain help BUT…I do feel good about getting him the help he needs…even if it means reading through way too much paperwork about MRDD.

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Opening October 3rd

I can’t believe that the building that was merely a thought when I graduated from RPI in 2000…is opening October 3rd. Yep…the Empac building will be opening for business in just a week and a half. I can’t imagine there being a huge building on the previously empty hillside. I feel very disconnected from my college…the last time I was there was for graduation (not unlike my high school…haha…I don’t tend to go back to schools after graduation…don’t usually have reason to). However, I would love to see this building sometime and am kind of disappointed that it wasn’t there while I was attending. Oh well…I guess that happens with a lot of people…imagine what was there when I was there that wasn’t there years before. For instance, my program…haha! I loved West Hall though…and I think this building will greatly change how West Hall is used…which is sad. I spent pretty much my entire college career in WH…I loved that building…it was magnificently creepy and I, for one, am extremely happy that it’s an historical building and can’t be torn down (being an old war hospital). Anyway…I know I have never written about my college on here…but I couldn’t help but mention this wonderful addition to an already wonderful college.

If you are interested in reading about this seriously awesome building…there’s an article about it here. (Thanks, Rachel, for passing it along!)

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Paralegal Update

I have finally found a way to obtain a Paralegal Certificate and am very excited. After contacting a couple places and hearing nothing back from them, I stumbled upon The Center For Legal Studies. I don’t know how I found it or why I didn’t find it earlier but…obviously now was the right time to find it and not before 🙂

The Center for Legal Studies is a legal education company focused on providing students the most affordable and effective legal education possible. We deliver our curriculum to our students in live lecture, online, DVD, VHS, audio, and CD-ROM formats through over 1000 colleges and universities nationwide to provide our students with the flexibility necessary to achieve their academic goals while continuing with their everyday lives.

SUNY Stony BrookBasically…that means…in the end…I will have a certificate from an actual college…rather than some random online place that might not be here tomorrow…if you know what I mean. CLS is great! I have emailed them many times and they always respond within a few minutes (as long as they are open…if they aren’t open I hear back from them the second they open…they are in Colorado so they are on different time)…unlike the other two places that I contacted who never replied or took forever in replying. Makes me more comfortable. Also…the woman that I have been corresponding with has worked out a payment plan so that I don’t have to down the $1,100 all at once…which is always nice and I can call her to register when I’m ready. Anyway…so I will be doing the “core” Paralegal Certificate first…starting March 3rd (will be interesting since we are moving in March). I will be taking it online through SUNY Stony Brook…AN ACTUAL COLLEGE!!! It takes 14 weeks to finish so…from what I understand of the sessions…that’s 2 sessions and I will be finished with the “core” certificate June 13th. YAY! Then it’s on to the Advanced Certificate…which I choose 6 of the following topics:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation)
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Business Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Advanced Legal Research
  • Estate Planning
  • Water Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Immigration Law
  • Education Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • As of now, I will be doing: Business Law, Advanced Legal Research, Estate Planning, Intellectual Property, Education Law. That might change and I haven’t decided on the sixth one but…I will by the time I need to. I am really interested in the Intellectual Property one. It will take a while to finish both certificates but it will be worth it in the end and…like I’ve been saying…I’m not going back to full-time work till Iain’s in pre-school…maybe part-time but not full so…by the time I’m finished…I will be ready!

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    A Lot of Nothing

    We have to move in a month…we don’t know where but…we will be moving. I am interested to see where we end up. Obviously it will be in NY…haha…and I think we have decided on staying in the same area we are in now but…as for where exactly that is…don’t know. We have been looking around for a while and still haven’t found anything. We will by the time we need to though so…we shall see.

    Nothing much has been going on. Things have become pretty normal. Iain’s very easy going (at home)…though he has been excessively whiney lately…which is new. He sleeps through the night…last night was 8.5 hours…the night before was 9…it’s been like that for a while now…kind of nice. I’m actually kind of scared to give him his own room…he’s not good with change…and I don’t want to ruin the wonderfulness that has been the past few weeks but…I will have to bite the bullet when we move and get him used to his own room…he can’t stay in ours forever! Everything I’ve read said that babies are good at moving…as long as their bed…their mom and dad are there…it’s home. Not for Iain…he’s very particular…but…he will just have to get used to the new place because I can’t stay here forever just because he’s not good at going any place else…haha. Whenever we go to my parents’ apartment (or my grandma’s house like this weekend) he cries and whines the whole time until we go home…then he’s the happiest baby ever! Very particular about his surroundings. Even at night…when it’s bedtime (which is anywhere between 10pm and 12am)…he better be in the bedroom…or else he starts whining. Problem is you never know what time it’s going to be so you can’t plan ahead of time or anything. Sometimes it’s 10…sometimes it’s 11:30…it’s amazing to me how particular he is about where he is at bedtime. He’ll take naps in the living room during the day but…at night it has to be the bedroom. It’s also the only time he will actually sleep in his crib. But all in all…he’s pretty easy. Sleeps…plays…bathes…laughs…”reads”…”talks”…etc.

    Iain got a new winter hat on Sunday…he grew out of his cute puppy winter hat. We bought toddler size…it’s stretchy so it fits him now and will fit him next winter. That was very important because this winter is pretty much almost over and didn’t want to buy a hat and such for a couple months if we could help it. Here’s a cute picture from the first time he wore it…


    It’s nice…he doesn’t scream when we put this one on him like he did the puppy one. It also came with gray mittens, which definitely don’t fit now (they actually have a little thumb) but will next winter. He doesn’t really need them right now…he has some that fit now…and we don’t use them because he screams the whole time they are on. Something about not being able to chew on his hands really bothers him. (Yes, I said “chew”…he doesn’t suck on them…he chews on them…just like when he gets one of our fingers in his mouth (he tends to bring everything to his mouth now) he doesn’t suck on it like he used to…he chews on it…it hurts…we don’t let him do it…it’s really weird.)

    And now for something completely different…
    I am still looking for a paralegal program online to get my certificate. I have found quite a few but…quite a few of them are stupid (for lack of a better word). They require PCs…sorry…not going to buy a new computer for the program when I can do anything on our Macs that I can on a PC…only more…better…faster…and with fewer (NO!) “blue screens of death.” So…I continue my search. I have found a new program and will let you know about it once I know whether things are going to pan out or not…have looked into too many that haven’t so…don’t want to mention anything.

    Anyway…I’m off…but first…

    Picture time…






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    I wasn’t going to say anything till I knew something more certain but since things will change regardless so I’ve decided to announce it anyway. After a great deal of consideration and conversation with a few people…I have decided not to pursue a teaching career. When I started the master degree…life was quite a bit different than it is now. When I started…a family wasn’t even in the near future (or so I thought) so I had the time to quickly get the degree but now…with Iain and wanting to be able to spend time with him…wanting to be able to provide for him more than I can right now…it’s necessary for me to look into other possibilities. It would take me a little over 3 years to complete the degree with the way it’s going now and that’s just too much time to spend not making money…racking up more loans…and if I wanted to do it any quicker…I’d have to give up precious time with Iain and I’m not willing to do that. Not to mention the many other reasons I don’t want to be a teacher anymore. The only courses I was enjoying were the children’s literature ones and that’s because I like the literature…not because I want to teach it. Anyway…I had been wanting to stop pursuing the career for a while now (pretty much since sometime during the spring semester) but felt bad because I took out loans and took some classes already but it’s better to quit now than spend wayyyyy too much money and time doing what I don’t want to do. Oddly enough…the decision didn’t 100% have to do with Iain…it had to do with the fact that I didn’t want to teach. So…anyway…I have dropped the online courses I have been taking this semester (which was pretty much a necessity due to my hospital time…I got extremely behind in the classes and missed some really important things that I couldn’t catch up on) and…I have decided to try to pursue a Paralegal Certificate…quite a bit different from anything I’ve done but it’s something I can get in 8 months which means if I start in December or January…I can have the certificate (and a job) by this coming summer! They are in great demand and it’s pretty interesting work…it’s a 9-5 type job which is really important to me…you might get summers off (not even the entire summer) as a teacher but you make up for it during the school year. Like I said…a lot has changed in the last year and a half and now…what I really want…is a 9-5 job so that I can come home and spend time with my family. I never thought that I’d want just a “normal” life but now…what I really want…is to work normal hours…have a husband who works normal hours (NOT two jobs)…I want time to spend with Iain…I want to own a house (or condo)…I want a normal life…and it’s beginning to look like someday all that might actually be possible. I am now more excited about the future than I thought I would be…I was kind of dreading going back to St. Rose.

    I applied to The Paralegal Learning Center on Friday and am now awaiting a reply. I’m pretty sure I’ll get in…considering the only requirement is that you graduated high school or have a G.E.D….now…it’s just a matter of waiting. It’s a completely online program…costs only $3,995 including books…the curriculum consists of 8 classes each of which are one month long and they help with job placement at the end. All in all…pretty decent program. I’ll let you know if/when I hear anything back from them. If I don’t get in there for some strange odd, reason…there are other places that offer the same thing.

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    I am so very confused. I was on bedrest all yesterday like I was supposed to be…didn’t do anything I couldn’t do while lying down…read a lot! and crocheted some…watched TV…etc. However, last night…all the pain in my back and my chest came back! I thought being on bedrest would keep the pain away but…alas…it didn’t. Not only that but I took Tylonel last night to try to get the pain to go away and it only worked for like an hour…fun fun. I got up this morning (note I didn’t wake up because there wasn’t actually any sleeping going on last night) and used a heating pad and took more Tylonel and eventually the pain subsided…now it’s just under the surface…where I can tell if I do the wrong thing today it will all come back…but…what’s the wrong thing? I wish I knew why it came in the first place so I could stop doing whatever caused it. I’m not stressed about anything…I’m a little anxious about some stuff but…no more so than usual. I don’t know. I got some sleep this morning so that was good.

    I’m very glad that I’m not working or going to class! Online classes are definitely the way to go right now because I can “go” to them whenever I feel up to it. I was supposed to have a test in my Science Fiction class Wed. through Fri. (due Fri. at midnight) this week but I just checked online to see what it would be like and because of technical difficulties…it’s not due till Sunday at midnight. I’m very ecstatic about that! I was going to finish reading the book today and then take the test tomorrow but I’ve been trying to read the book off and on all morning and my head is in such a fog that I can’t remember what I’m reading. I will try to read more later…maybe after my headache goes away. Luckily now…I have all weekend to do the test so…if I have to wait to finish the book till tomorrow then…at least I have that option.

    Iain is still doing really well…he was moving around A LOT this morning. I keep thinking he’s going to flip out of the good position he was in on Monday…the doctor said he was right where he should be on Monday but…if he keeps flipping around as much as he was this morning…I’m thinking that could change and that would not be good. So far…it hasn’t changed but…what if it does? That’s not good at all. I wonder what the chances are of him flipping around so that his head is up instead of down…oh well…nothing much I can do about that. I’ve read so much about how babies tend to move less as they get bigger because they have less room…that was supposed to start a while ago but…I still have not experienced this. He’s still flipping and bouncing around like he used to…disregarding the fact that he has less room…haha…can be VERY uncomfortable sometimes as he stretches my “stomach” in odd ways but…I’d rather he be moving a lot than not at all!!! Anyway…I’m off to try and read some more and relax!

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