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L1260063_cropped_2Last Saturday, Iain tested for his Blue Belt. Can’t believe he’s a blue belt already…one more belt (blue belt with black stripe) in Tiny Tigers and then he’s on to Karate for Kids! He’s SUPER excited about moving up since some of his friends moved up without him (of course…they are older but that doesn’t matter to him…he’s really eager to move up!). He’s been doing Taekwondo for almost 2 years (2 years the end of Aug.) and still LOVES it! He practices it at home all the time…even more now that we’ve actually set up his punching bag in the basement. He still has difficulty with jump kicks but he’s working on it and…look how high his kicks are getting?! No more kicking at the ground 🙂

Sporting his new blue belt.

Sporting his new blue belt.

L1260250Tomorrow is his last day of swim lessons for this session…then he has a few weeks off and then another session of lessons mid-July. His instructors let me know today that Iain passed Level 2…he’ll get the paper tomorrow telling him to move on to Level 3 🙂 So…the next session in July, he will be in Level 3. He may struggle a little because he’s little (he’s short for a 5 year old and he’s in classes with 6-10 year olds…so…they go out into deeper water where the other kids can reach but he can’t…he doesn’t really care, though) but he does all of his strokes and floats and everything PERFECT (that’s their word 🙂 ). It really is fun to watch him swim…they do some complex stuff, too I don’t know swimming terms…my kind of “swimming” is being in water I can stand in so I don’t have to swim…I can swim well enough if I have to but I definitely don’t enjoy swimming. I did when I was younger…but even then…I could merely swim well enough to get by)…and he just DOES it. It’s awesome! Considering he hardly ever swims (before last Monday the last time he swam was a year ago and he didn’t learn anything near as complicated as what he’s doing now). The instructors started doing Level 3 stuff with his class…and he can just do it. Pretty cool. Karate has definitely helped with his coordination and his listening!

L1260252His instructors also asked if he would want to join the Swim Team next year (he’s not old enough this year) so…Iain’s bouncing off the walls to join! He only has to wait a year…which is like…a decade to a 5-year-old. Haha. So…next year…he’s going to be joining the Swim Team. That’s definitely NOT something I thought I’d ever say. Talk about activities unlike any Jim and I did when we were little! But…he’s only 5 and REALLY good…and he just LOVES it. I got him his first pair of goggles Tuesday (they are SUPER goggles…sunglasses, flex fit, anti-fog and they actually WORK…no water gets in them…they have come a long way since I was little) and he LOVES them. He was slightly disappointed that he has to come up for air still so now he wants a snorkel so he can “live underwater” haha.

Doing a back float :-)

Doing a back float 🙂


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I’m not going to even pretend I’m good at blogging any more. So…if I write here from time to time…I see that as a success.

These past couple weeks, Iain has had swim lessons. His first time in the water by himself. Not that you’d know. At all. He got right in and acted like he’d always been swimming. Funny. He LOVES to dunk and spent about 90% of his lessons underwater…dunking and swimming underwater. He figured out how to swim underwater by himself…that’s not something they teach in the preschool class…but he figured out it could be done and he loves it. We’d only signed him up for one two-week session…because honestly…he’s BUSY this summer but…after the awesome time he had the past two weeks…we decided to sign him up for another two-week session…in Level 1 instead of preschool. He’s such a good little swimmer and has sooooo much fun…how could we not squeeze in another couple weeks of lessons?

He also started his camo belt classes a couple weeks ago. Now…he loved his karate classes before…but now…he has a whole new LOVE for them. He totally enjoys sparring (the little kids are pretty funny to watch, too)…and he has fun learning his nunchucks, too (though he’s only had that a couple times…he’ll have more this week). He spars against his little friends…and hasn’t quite gotten the idea of it…but he’s just starting and he’s 4 so…that’s ok…he’s having fun with it and that’s great 🙂 The rest will come with time and age.

We decided to sign him up for karate camp, after all. At first we weren’t going to…we put quite a bit of time and money into his karate as it is…between monthly fees, gear and tournaments…but…we just couldn’t NOT let him go. He’s going to have so much fun! Three days…three hours each…of just karate? Awesome.

He’s also going to Vacation Bible School at the end of July…so…between that…karate camp (and classes)…more swim lessons…car shows…Medieval Faire…etc…we are BUSY this summer…but that’s how summers are supposed to be.

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We have had a week of swim lessons now…every morning for 35 minutes. Lots of fun but kind of exhausting. We are doing the parent/child class again…like last year. He could have (age-wise) gone into the pre-school class, which is 3-5…but I wasn’t comfortable signing him up for that this year. I mean…it’s not like we live in the water…he hasn’t been swimming since last August…so I just wasn’t comfortable just sending him in on his “own” (yeah…they have an instructor…but still). So…he’ll do that next year…and the year after (still 2 years before level 1).

Anyway…that said…it’s amazing the difference a year can make! Last year…he’d kick…and he’d paddle his arms if I asked…and he’d blow bubbles and all that…but this year…he just does it…no prompting necessary. And…last year…I was totally holding him up in the water…and luckily this year…it’s pretty much 50/50 (sometimes even less on my part). Yesterday, he started doing a kind of scary thing and trying to jump away from me in the water saying “let go, mommy! Let me go!” (yeah…he’s a little bossy) The scary part? He’s pretty strong…and almost 40 lbs…and there is the potential of him actually succeeding. AHHHHH! And…trying to explain to him that he can’t quite swim on his own yet…isn’t really working…because he can keep his head above water most of the time without my help…but we are in 4′ of water so when he gets tired (which happens quite quickly) he can’t just stand up. He doesn’t believe me on that one, either…he tries telling me he can walk…and then pretends to walk in the water…yeah…pretend and reality…are two different things, kid. At the same time…when he realizes that I am walking on the “ground”…he says “wow mom…you’re walking? you’re big mommy!” The number of times he calls me “big” is ridiculous…it’s a good thing I know “big” usually means “tall” and not “fat”…at least in this case…it means “tall”…haha…because I’d seriously stop eating if I was anywhere as “big” as he says I am…haha. He also whines about being “little”…he does that a lot…he whines about being “too little”…”too small” and does his whimpering/not-completely-serious cry…a LOT. The funniest is when he holds out his hands…looks down at them and says (in his cry-y/pity-me voice)…”my hands are too small…they are too little”. And if I hold out my hand…he says “wow…you’re hand is BIG mom!”…there will be a time when he learns the truth about that one…haha…

Anyway…so he’s under the impression that he can swim all by himself…and walk in 4′ of water…haha…which tells me 1) he will be ok by himself next year… and 2) we are definitely waiting till next year when he will hopefully listen about the “NO YOU CAN’T!” a little better.

He’s pretty funny…I wish I could get the face he makes when he can ACTUALLY walk in the water…when we go down to the shallow end at the end of class to play with toys…he looks like he thinks he’s the coolest thing EVER. It’s hilarious!!! And he makes it every time. He did that last year, too. Too funny!!!

Picture time! These were taken on Monday (first day) when Jim came with us. He promises to get better pictures this Monday…haha…I’d settle for closer (as these were from very far away – I cropped them so you could see us! – because he didn’t want to get too close to the pool/come out of the shade) and more consistent wouldn’t be bad, either. Like…maybe auto setting would be good…just to get decent pictures…or he could use the settings I told him…but he LOVES playing with settings on cameras! Yes…I should be happy we have pictures at all rather than complaining about the quality of the ones he got…but that wouldn’t be very me…haha…and he knows it. Sorry! I did thank him for taking them, though…because they are, in fact, better than nothing 🙂 I can be such a ***** sometimes. Ah well…that’s not news to anyone!

I do have to say…I LOVE the waterpark we take swim lessons at! Sure…there’s the whole chance of getting “rained out” but…honestly…they have swim lessons still if it’s raining (did that last year…you’re already going to get wet!)…and they have safety lessons inside if there’s thunder/lightning so…it’s all good. Plus…it’s worth having the chance of being “rained out”…for the absolutely gorgeous mornings in the sun like today!

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First off, I’d like to remind everyone to at least measure once before starting a project. Yeah…the saying goes “measure twice, cut once”…but we weren’t cutting anything. We were merely moving around the bedroom/office. Seems simple enough…a lot of hauling but…simple. We got our “bed” into our new bedroom…it’s weird sleeping downstairs but…I’ll get used to it…Jim can sleep anywhere!…I keep hearing noises…I’m a horrible sleeper anyway. So that happened Tuesday. Then I cleaned out our coffee table and got that and the loveseat set to move upstairs when Jim got home last night. We moved the coffee table with no problems. Then it was time to move the loveseat and…let’s just say we were reminded of how difficult it was to get into the room in the first place…taking it out was no fun. Then…I remembered, once we got the loveseat to the living room, our upstairs bedroom has an EXTREMELY narrow door (about 23″ wide…not even 2’…fun fun). The door downstairs that the loveseat barely fits through is 29″ wide. After a LOT of discussion, we decided to try to get it into the bedroom (knowing full-well it wouldn’t fit…but you always have to try…right?)…we got it upstairs and…obviously…it didn’t even almost fit…no amount of twisting and turning would have gotten it through such a narrow door SO…as we had decided downstairs…Iain is now the proud owner of a little black leather loveseat. It has dark wood feet that match his bed (which we aren’t putting on yet because they make it too high for Iain) and it goes really well in his room…(excuse the lack of clothes…we did this early this morning right after he woke up)…

Problem…we now need to get something for the office to replace the loveseat (something that will actually fit through the door!) but that’s ok. We needed more seating for that room anyway so…eventually (when we have the money) we’ll find something.

So…a “simple” move turned into a slightly big headache but…it’s ok now…and Iain’s very happy! He even tried to take a nap on the loveseat but…mom wouldn’t let him 😦

Swim lessons start on Monday (can’t believe it’s that time already!). Note to self: BUY BATHING SUIT!!! Losing 40 lbs means…last year’s doesn’t even almost fit. Glad I lost the weight, obviously, but…wish I didn’t have to go shopping for a bathing suit. I’ve left it off long enough, though…and now I’ll have to do with whatever I can find…ekkk. Swim lessons should be fun…I’m really excited to see Iain’s reaction…we haven’t been swimming since last summer.

My sister is coming to visit next weekend (4th of July weekend) and we are going to go watch Eclipse in the theatre…YAY. She’s coming Friday and leaving Tuesday…can’t wait!!

Then…a week later…we are going out to NY! I can’t believe it’s been a year…that’s just depressing…and it’ll never happen again! That’s just too long. Plans for NY…we are going out a day earlier than originally planned because two of my cousins will be there with their kids and…if we get there a day early…we can actually see them (they leave the day we were planning to get there). I’m very happy it’ll work out. Haven’t seen them in ages…I’ve only met one of the three kids…and she was 6 months old at the time…and I was pregnant. So…that will be nice. We will be going to Lake George to Fort William Henry…Iain should LOVE that! We’ll be taking a day trip down to my hometown…maybe doing some hiking, shopping, and definitely stopping by the library Jim used to work at when we lived out there…’cause it’s been a WHILE and we’d like to see them…and they’d like to see Iain 🙂 He was about 6 or 7 months the last time they saw him (in person)…quite the change. Other than that…we plan to shop…and hang out. It’s been a year! I have some major visiting to do! We will be leaving on a Tuesday and coming home the following Monday. I’m REALLY excited to finally have a vacation…it’s been too long. Tika will be staying with Jim’s parents and the cats will, obviously, be staying home. Tika doesn’t like to travel (she gets car sick…and a 10+ hour drive with a car sick dog…not fun)…my grandma has a dog (Tika HATES!!! other dogs)…and she’ll just like it better. I think she’ll enjoy the break from Iain…she’s STILL afraid of him. Anyway…only a few more weeks!!!

Well…I should get something done before Iain wakes up from his nap. Tomorrow we’re off to the Vintage Grand Prix bright and early. Should be great fun 🙂

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As I’ve said before, we are very busy this summer and…we just got busier! Iain joined a playgroup that runs from the end of June till the beginning of August…on Tuesday’s from 10-11…exciting! I’m glad we could find something…since school ends June 9th!

Broadmoor (Iain’s school for the time being) is having some outings this summer, too…a free trip to the Cleveland Zoo!…a Family Picnic…a trip to the Memphis Kiddie Park…and an outing to the farmpark. All very exciting! We are planning to go to all the activities as long as they fit around swim lessons, which we haven’t signed up for yet.

Last Monday, we registered for six of the Lake Metroparks programs (that’s all we could fit into our schedule) AND we register for swim lessons this coming Monday…WOW! We’ve found a few car shows to go to, too, and are looking for more. Very excited about the upcoming summer!

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So Much To Do…

We just received the Lake Metroparks Parks Plus! Summer Activities Guide in the mail…which made me realize that registration for summer programs is coming up. May 3rd. Wow! Where did April go? And registration for swim lessons is May 17th! Gosh. Less than a month away. It requires a lot of planning to figure out which programs he can do while still doing swim lessons but it’s worth the planning. We didn’t get to do many programs this Spring because of school and the timing of the programs but…we have TONS on our list for this summer 🙂 Busy busy busy.

That’s not even including all the free activities at the parks…like “Snakes ‘n Such”…miniature train rides…wildlife festival…free Farmpark days…”River Jamboree” (otters and beavers and minks…Iain will love it). And that’s just to name a few. We will, once again, be very busy this summer 😀

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