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Brown Belt Decided

Iain had his first Karate for Kids test this afternoon…tested for Brown Belt Decided (aka…Brown Belt w/ Black Stripe) and he did GREAT…even better than his Tiny Tiger tests where he had to follow the instructor to do his form. Now he has to memorize it and he does AWESOME. He moved up to Karate for Kids about two months ago…though it seems like just yesterday! He’s pretty small for the class (being 6 years old…and a small 6) but…he LOVES it and does so well. He also takes it pretty serious…

He is eagerly awaiting the day he earns his black belt…which will come way sooner that it seems it should. Each time he gets a new belt…he looks back at the line of belts hanging on the wall of his school…to count how many more he has till he gets to black belt.

He also just started the Leadership program…Merry Christmas to him! It’s definitely not inexpensive (what part of Taekwondo is??) but, like everything else about karate…it’s TOTALLY worth the price. He has 7 classes a week now…4 “normal” classes (though sometimes we cut it down to 3…with school and all) and 3 Leadership class (which are by far his favorites). He’s learning so much and getting so much better every day…and having WAY too much fun!


Let’s see…what else…when he went to his doctor’s appt. in November…he was 43″ tall (3.5′ tall) putting him in the 11th percentile for height. And he’s in the 50th percentile for weight. Both percentiles are down from his 5 year appt but…he doesn’t look short when he’s in his kindergarten class so…that’s good.

Kindergarten is going FANTASTIC! He loves it and is doing very well. The other day (Thursday, Dec. 12) he wrote a Letter to Rudolph for a school project…he had fun decided what to tell Rudolph. I had to help him spell a couple words like “voice”…ones you can’t really sound out…but he did VERY well writing the letter and had so much fun, too 🙂




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